Chapter 2036: Please Forgive Me, Your Royal Highness

Chapter 2036: Your Royal Highness, please forgive me

. The man headed by Ye Yirui was kicked to the ground just now to get the one. He will rely on the crowds and start to be mean again. Let Ye Yirui kowtow to him and apologize. , Accompany him to sleep for another night, and he will let her go.

Ye Yirui was so big when he encountered this kind of thing for the first time, she was quite fresh, holding her arms, and said in his tone: “So, now you kowtow to me and call me your Royal Highness for mercy, and I will go around you. . ” “

ha ha ha. “the man laughed rampant, and others turned around and said:”? hear no, these days there are self-proclaimed princess of it, she was trying to tell me her father is a national leader you ” “

Haige She would laugh, she meant she was a box princess, hahaha.” A man laughed.

“Hahaha.” The man called Haige pointed at Ye Yirui and said, “Have you heard, Princess Boxing, how much do you cost a night? The big deal, I will pay, you Haige and I lack everything, just don’t need money.”

Tang Qin thought that this person would look for death.

How cool is this meeting, how miserable it will be to be beaten by Ye Yirui later.

“Okay, come here, let me tell you how much it is.” Ye Yirui waved at him.

Haige had been kicked before and he didn’t have a long memory. He really dared to come over because of his large number of people.

This deserves to be beaten.

As soon as he approached, Ye Yirui picked up a wine bottle on the table and opened his head. At the same time, he kicked him down again, and it was his fragile part.

Hearing a scream, Haige fell to the ground, covering his head with one hand and his crotch with the other hand, and cursed in his mouth: “I’m grass, kill her for me, fucking…”

A group of men became angry when they saw Ye Yirui’s arrogance, and swarmed them with baseball bats.

The scene suddenly became chaotic, and there were screams all around.

Tang Qin was affected while sitting in the deck. Several men watched her dangle an arm to bully, and wanted to start with her.

Tang Qin was prepared for a long time and didn’t give them a chance at all. Although he didn’t have a gun in his hand, he still dropped the wine bottle every time. A few bang bang bang smashed out, and each hit the other side’s brain.

While the other party was covering his head, Tang Qin quickly got up and grabbed the baseball bat from one person, and the other party couldn’t get up as soon as he got off the stick.

A group of people around watched the two girls fight, each was stunned. This combat power is too Awesome.

One hit three with his arms hanging.

One is better, one beats seven.

Within five minutes, all ten men were knocked down.

Ye Yirui finally stepped on Haige’s face and asked him: “Are you convinced?”

Haige was beaten badly , and she did n’t dare to curse half a word:

“Be convinced, convinced, forgive me.” “Speak well, who can I call for mercy? , To spare whose fate?” Ye Yirui asked.

Haige said very loudly: “Please princess, please spare my life.”

Ye Yirui was satisfied, and kicked Haige out for half a meter: “Get off.”

Haige and his brothers struggled to get up and stumbled. The police blocked him three meters before he ran out.

Someone reported to the police because the situation was not right. The police came quickly and blocked Haige and the others.

“Don’t move all, get down, let me see who dares to move!” Several police officers surrounded Haige’s group with batons.

A group of people saw other guns on the waist of the policeman, so scared to run away, they hugged their heads and squatted down.

“Gathering crowds to fight, do you know the nature of it?” The police asked Haige loudly.

Brother Hai cried, “Uncle policeman, you know that we are the one who was beaten. You just came here, I want to call the police. Two women beat me and both broke my head.”

He said . The wicked complained first, and the others started crying, pointing to their wounds and shouting that they had been beaten badly.

The police saw that they had been beaten badly, so they turned their eyes on Ye Yirui and Tang Qin, and they couldn’t help but have doubts.

One is still hanging his arm, and the other is cute, hitting people? Still fighting so hard?

I’m afraid it’s the wrong light.

“Really, they really beat us, and everyone else can testify.” Haige was afraid that the police would not believe it.

Ye Yirui was also quite honest: “Report to the uncle police that I was the one who beat them, but they provoked first. We are just a legitimate defense. If you don’t believe me, you can ask other people.”

Others nodded repeatedly, and someone said: “This group of men As soon as I came, I molested people and wanted to beat others. If the two girls didn’t fight back, they would definitely be beaten.” All

other customers testified like this.

The police also guessed a little, and said, “Okay, come back to the camp with me first. Xiaoqi, you go and adjust the surveillance.”

Haige and a group of people were taken away in strings with a bitter expression because of the police car. If he couldn’t do it, he had to walk back to the police station with an injury.

Ye Yirui and Tang Qin’s treatment was much better, and they were dragged back by the police car.

When they arrived at the police station, someone made a transcript for them. The two told the truth and signed their names on the transcript.

Tang Qin hesitated when asked about the family’s phone number. She only has Jiang Yunji as a family member, but Jiang Yunji is definitely not available, so who should she fill in?

After thinking about it, she randomly compiled a number, and she didn’t know who owned it.

However, the police did not call her number, because Ye Yirui said that they were sisters, so just a family member would do.

Ye Yirui gave the landline from Ye Jixing’s house, why not give it to Qiao Yu? It was not because she was still arguing with Qiao Yu unilaterally.

However, it was not Ye Jiexing who came, but Qiao Yu.

Ye Jiexing called him and asked him to come to the police station to redeem his wife, so he wouldn’t come to throw this person away.

At the same time, he also hit Jiang Yunji and let him redeem him.

Jiang Yunji was not as fast as Qiao Yu, but he had already greeted the director of the police station.

The director was not on duty, and when he received a call from Jiang Yunji, he made a special trip to invite Tang Qin and Ye Yirui to the office for tea.

Tang Qin looked at Qiao Yu and asked Ye Yirui in a low voice: “Do you want to go back with Qiao Yu first? Yun Ji will be here soon.”

“No!” Ye Yirui refused altogether.


Tang Qin didn’t persuade him.

The director looked at the two of them under a lot of pressure. One was the little princess of the Ye family and couldn’t afford to provoke them. One is the daughter-in-law of the Jiang family, who can’t afford it.

Which bar is this ignorant on his site?

Wait. Tomorrow he will personally lead the team to investigate, and if this bar is not closed for rectification, his director will do nothing.

Jiang Yunji came sooner than expected, and he was slightly relieved when he saw Tang Qin’s full beard.

“Brother Yunji, you are here.” Ye Yirui jumped to Jiang Yunji to show off: “I have protected Sister Qin very well.”

Jiang Yunji had to touch her head and praised: “The heart is awesome.”

Ye Yirui was complete.

Jiang Yunji then had a few conversations with the director and led the person away.

Both he and Qiao Yu’s car were parked outside, and Ye Yirui was about to board Jiang Yunji’s car directly.

“What are you doing.” Jiang Yunji stopped her and lifted his chin towards Qiao Yu: “Where is your husband.”