Chapter 2037: Ye family is so awesome

Chapter 2037: Ye family is so awesome

“Brother Yunji, I want to go home with you.” Ye Yirui hugged Jiang Yunji’s arm and tried to act like a baby.

Jiang Yunji’s iron-hearted heart: “My house does not welcome you.”

Ye Yirui cried: “You are too unconscionable, I have taken care of your wife for a long time.”

“Take care of the police station?” Jiang Yunji raised his eyebrows.

Ye Yirui became guilty and walked towards Qiao Yu dingy.

Jiang Yunji, no matter what awkwardness she had with Qiao Yu, took his wife and left.

Tang Qin looked at Ye Yirui in the rearview mirror, and asked, “I don’t care about her?”

“You take care of yourself first.” Jiang Yunji glanced at her: “I’m really capable, I can fight with people with one arm hanging. “

Tang Qin suddenly felt guilty, and he stubbornly said: “I am a pure human sitting in a bar, and disaster comes from the sky.”

“You stay at home and try to see if there is any evil from the sky.” Jiang Yunji said.

“Isn’t this because my heart is going to come, I also gave my life to accompany the gentleman.” Tang Qin was very confident about this matter.

Jiang Yunji was amused by her: “I still have to praise you.”

“It’s okay to boast,” Tang Qin said.

Jiang Yunji slapped her on the back of the head.

Tang Qin complained: “Your domestic violence.”

Jiang Yunji snorted.

Tang Qin rubbed the back of his head, suddenly smiled, and said, “I think the most unlucky person today is the director of the police station. He will definitely take someone to sweep the bar in person later.”

“His position can’t touch that bar.” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin: “Ah? Is the bar owner so big backstage?”

“Do you think Xinxin will take you to any bar? You fight in the bar, why didn’t a security come out to stop it?” Jiang Yunji motioned to her to use her brain.

Tang Qin reacted: “The bar is opened by the Ye family.”

“No.” Jiang Yunji said, “But the bar owner has a very close relationship with the Ye family.” The

bar was opened by Jiang Chao, and Jiang Chao’s father called Ye Lancheng loudly. Less, the relationship can be imagined.

“When you say that, I feel that the Ye Family is so awesome.” Tang Qin said.

“There is my dad in the military, the Su family in the business world, and the Xia family in the political world. You say bulls are not bulls.” Jiang Yunji admitted.

There are two surnames in the business community of S City, one is the Ye family and the other is the Su family.

Tang Qin nodded, really awesome.

She also has a doubt: “You have been closely related since your father’s generation. Why did you get to your generation without a single marriage?”

“My father’s generations are all fateful acquaintances, and our generation also grew up together since childhood, no Brothers and sisters are better than relatives, and there is no need to rely on marriage to maintain the relationship.” Jiang Yunji said.

“Then there is no childhood sweetheart?” Tang Qin asked.

“Yes.” Jiang Yunji said: “The eldest brother of the Xiao family and the sister Jiaojiao of the Tang family were married as childhood sweethearts. Both of them are in the United States and don’t come back often.”

Tang Qin teased him after hearing this, “Do you have any? Childhood sweetheart?”

“Which childhood sweetheart I am with? My sister is a girl about the same age as me. The other girls have the biggest mental arithmetic, and the rest are even younger.” Jiang Yunji smiled.

Tang Qin said clearly: “No wonder the elders want granddaughters, it’s really that you have too

few girls in your family .” “There are still a few girls in our generation, and in the next generation, they are all kids. Just look. Sansao and Yunjin are both girls.” Jiang Yunji said.

“What if I told you that they both gave birth to boys?” Tang Qin asked with a smile.

Jiang Yunji said: “Then we are going to lose four million.”

Tang Qin had previously bet that they would both have girls.

“It doesn’t matter. Didn’t you buy a lottery ticket? We will have five million when we win the prize.” Tang Qin had the final say, no loss.

Jiang Yunji smiled, and asked: “Did you plan to earn this bet that you are destined to lose?”

“No.” Tang Qin shook his head, and suddenly hugged his arm: “Isn’t my husband? Well.”

Jiang Yunji went to clap her hand: “While driving, don’t make trouble.”

Tang Qin put out his tongue and let go, supporting his chin and asked: “Aren’t you busy? Why are you free to come here.”

“I won’t come. Let you stay at the police station for the night?”

Tang Qin smiled. This excuse is too pediatric. Even if he doesn’t come, he can go. Anyone can take her away. It is obviously that he is worried that he came over. of.

She didn’t expose Jiang Yunji. Compared to when he was reborn, his attitude towards her was completely different. He was doing his duty as a husband before, and now he is worried about her.

This is a big improvement.

Tang Qin was very happy.

The two of them were on their way home. Ye Yirui had not yet returned with Qiao Yu. Qiao Yu wanted to coax her home, so she slammed him: “Aren’t you busy saving people? There is still time to go home.”

Qiao Yu is good. The temper said: “I was wrong. I shouldn’t save her in the first place. I won’t be the next time. Even if someone is killed in front of me, I will treat it as if I haven’t seen it.”

Ye Yirui: “Then you are somebody.

” As long as you are happy.” Qiao Yu has coaxed her to coax her to be kind in the past few years.

“You…” Ye Yirui lost her temper, but she was still very angry.

“I don’t want to talk to you, do

n’t talk to me.” Qiao Yu stopped talking, Ye Yirui walked in front, and he followed behind, not far or near.

Ye Yirui seemed to have a tail growing behind him, and she couldn’t get rid of it no matter what.

“Don’t follow me.” Ye Yirui turned her head and said.

Qiao Yu: “No.”

Ye Yirui stamped her foot.

Qiao Yu walked up and took her hand, put it on the corner of her lips and kissed him, and said, “Don’t be angry, okay?”

“Just to be angry.” Ye Yirui said proudly.

Qiao Yu said: “Then I will let you beat you up?”

“Who wants to beat you, it hurts me to beat you.” Ye Yirui quit.

“Then I will hit myself, until you are satisfied.” Qiao Yu said that he really wanted to do it by himself.

Ye Yirui was so willing to stop him: “Did you deliberately?”

Qiao Yu took the opportunity to put her in her arms and coaxed: “I can’t even remember what that woman looks like. I don’t want you to bear a life to save her. Although her death has nothing to do with you, I don’t want any. People behind said that you forced her to death. I have made it clear to her that I will not save her again next time.”

Ye Yirui was wronged here because she was wronged. She kindly asked Qiao Yu to save people, but the other party would take revenge. Just worry about her husband, her husband is so handsome, and there are too many people who are worried about her, but there are not many who are so arrogant.

Obviously it was the opponent who provoked first, and in the end the opponent lost his fortune. He even threatened him with jumping off the building and wanted to make himself infamy. Ye Yirui thought about it and felt that he shouldn’t be nosy at the beginning.

“Come home, okay, I won’t coax you well, your father will pull me into the blacklist of Lantingju in the future.” Qiao Yu was even more aggrieved, he was the one who was most aggrieved.

Ye Yirui reluctantly forgave him when he saw that he was so pitiful.

Qiao Yu hurriedly pulled her back into the car and drove directly back to Lantingju. He had to let his father-in-law know that he had coaxed his daughter well.