Chapter 2038: In order not to repeat the same mistakes

Chapter 2038: In order not to repeat the same mistakes for a

night, when Tang Qin got up the next day, Jiang Yunji had not left yet, had already gone for a run and returned, and bought breakfast.

Tang Qin sat down and asked, “Are you still going to the army today?”

“Go.” Jiang Yunji said: “You have to eat first, and I will send you to grandpa after dinner.”

“Don’t go to Da Qiao’s place.” Tang Qindao.

Jiang Yunji shook his head, obviously afraid that Ye Yirui would take her to the police station again.

Tang Qin smiled and said, “It was an accident yesterday. How did I explain to my grandfather’s house like this?”

“I fell and hurt.” Jiang Yunji said.

“Okay.” Tang Qin listened to him. While eating, he asked about Zhan Xueying again: “Have you found her family?”

“No.” Jiang Yunji said: “You probably guessed it right. In Ruan Zheng’s hands, Zhan Xueying kept silent on Ruan Zheng, and resisted all the charges alone. “What was


Tang Qin shrugged and exhorted: “You must be careful when you check Li’s family. Those who engage in politics all have a dog nose. If they don’t work, they have a good nose.”

“I know.” Jiang Yunji said. .

“Otherwise, I will ask Lei Ting to check it?” Tang Qin suggested.

Jiang Yunji squinted at her: “In your eyes, I have to trouble other men with this matter?”

Tang Qin reacted and asked with a smile, “Are you jealous?”

“Eat your buns. “Jiang Yunji stuffed a bun into her mouth.

Tang Qin snorted and laughed more happily.

Jiang Yunji somewhat unnaturally exhorted: “You don’t have to deal with the military factory.”

Tang Qin swallowed the buns, held up the remaining buns and asked: “Why? I’m really jealous. Don’t be jealous, I’m going to meet Thunder in this life I haven’t seen it before.”

Thunder liked her in the last life, but in this life Thunder doesn’t even know what she looks like.

“In order not to repeat the mistakes of the previous life.” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin didn’t understand at once, but after thinking about it, he understood what he meant.

She couldn’t live with Ruan Qinghan’s identity all the time, and when Ruan’s family fell, she would inevitably regain her original identity. But her new identity has to withstand organized investigations, otherwise it will be like her previous life, because she is a member of the military factory, and Jiang Yunji was investigated.

“I won’t deal with the military factory anymore.” Tang Qin’s face burst into a big smile.

Jiang Yunji’s way of expressing his feelings is too vague. If she hadn’t understood her in the previous life, she might not be able to hear it. Jiang Yunji told her to think about their future.

“If Lei Ting embarrass you, tell me.” Jiang Yunji worried that Lei Ting would not let her go.

Tang Qin knew that he had friendship with Lei Ting. To be precise, it was not a friendship. Jiang Yunji saved Lei Ting’s life, and Lei Ting promised to do something for Jiang Yunji.

Jiang Yunji used Leiting’s promise when avenging Jiang Lie’s biological father three years ago. Now, neither of the two owes anyone else, but Lei Ting admires Jiang Yunji very much. She had heard Lei Ting say in her previous life.

“He won’t embarrass me. I haven’t taken the money from the military factory, and I have made a lot of money for the military factory. Thunder is a smart man. He will not offend me for this matter. He maintains a friend relationship with me, right. He will be good,” Tang Qin said.

Hearing this, Jiang Yunji asked: “You gave him a lot of design drawings?”

“Well, it’s not much, let’s take ten.” Tang Qin said.

Jiang Yunji felt a pain in his heart. According to Tang Qin, she was a weapon design genius. With the ten design drawings, how much money did Thunder have to make.

“Do you still have drawings?” Jiang Yunji asked.

Tang Qin asked, “Do you want it?”

“Give me one.” Jiang Yunji said.

“Then wait, I’m going to paint now.” Tang Qin also ran to the study after eating breakfast.

Jiang Yunji cleaned up the rest of the breakfast, cleaned up the dining table and trash, went back to the room to take a shower, changed his clothes, and when he was done, Tang Qin had already come out of the study.

“Here you are.” Tang Qin gave him the drawing.

Jiang Yunji was amazed after only one glance. This is a design drawing of a sniper rifle. The appearance is very traditional, but the accessories and performance are very optimized, surpassing the most advanced sniper rifle of the military.

“Can I bring this back to the army?” Jiang Yunji asked Tang Qin for his opinion.

“Of course.” Tang Qin said: “My things are all yours, you can handle it with full authority.”

Jiang Yunji raised his hand and patted her head unaccustomedly: “Go and change clothes.”

Tang Qin smiled. Went to the bedroom.

Jiang Yunji stared at the drawing for a while before carefully putting the drawing into his wallet.

When Tang Qin came out after getting dressed, Jiang Yunji drove her to Grandpa Jiang’s house.

Grandpa Jiang went out to play cards, Jiang Lie went to school, and Grandma Jiang was at home. She was shocked when she saw Tang Qin hanging an arm, and asked her anxiously how she was injured.

Tang Qin said: “I accidentally fell, I fell a hole in my shoulder, and stitched a few stitches.”

“It’s still stitched , why did you fall so hard? Yun Ji, how did you take care of Qinghan.” Grandma Jiang felt distressed. He blamed Jiang Yunji.

Jiang Yunji said: “I didn’t take care of it. Didn’t this come for you? I have to go to the army and let her heal her wounds with you these days.”

“Okay, you can go, you can’t even cook a meal. Okay, I can’t expect you to take care of it.” Grandma Jiang waved her hand in disgust.

Jiang Yunji, who was despised, left without worry.

Grandma Jiang pulled Tang Qin and asked Nuan, asked her if she had breakfast and what she had eaten.

Tang Qin said that he had eaten buns and drank porridge, which Jiang Yunji bought when he went out for a run.

Grandma Jiang was immediately unhappy: “This kid, can’t you make some food for you? Can you buy something clean? I’m really stubborn and can’t take care of others at all. Do you still want to eat something? Grandma will give it to you. Do it.”

“No need for grandma. I ate two big buns in the morning, and I also drank a bowl of porridge and an egg.” Tang Qin touched his stomach and said, “I won’t be able to eat anymore for lunch.”

Jiang Grandma didn’t reluctantly asked, “Then what do you want to eat for lunch?”

“I want to eat pumpkin stewed ribs.” Tang Qin was not polite at all.

“Okay, I’m going to buy spare ribs and pumpkin, what else do I want to eat?” Grandma Jiang asked.

“I want to eat what grandma makes.” Tang Qin took Grandma Jiang’s arm and said, “I’ll go shopping with you.”

“With a servant to accompany me, you can rest at home.” Grandma Jiang is afraid that she will be tired. .

“I want to accompany you.” Tang Qin acted like a baby.

Grandma Jiang laughed: “Fine, go together.”

The servant was called, and the three of them went out together.

The supermarket is not far away, and there is no need to ask the driver to drive it. Normally Grandma Jiang doesn’t go out to buy vegetables. It was Tang Qin who came to buy it in person, and the three of them strolled all the way.

I met many acquaintances on the road, all asking who Tang Qin was. Grandma Jiang happily introduced’this is my granddaughter-in-law’, listening to others boasting that her granddaughter-in-law is beautiful, grandmother Jiang was happy from ear to ear.