Chapter 2039: Grandpa Jiang doesn’t rely on his grandson-in-law to win money, but on his granddaughter-in-law

Chapter 2039: Grandpa Jiang does not rely on his grandson-in-law to win

the money. When Grandpa Jiang came back at noon, he smelled the scent of pork ribs as soon as he entered the door. He yelled: “Good old lady, Carrying me back to eat pork ribs at home secretly.”

Normally Jiang Lie eats at school at noon . The old couple eats simple, plus Grandpa Jiang’s blood sugar is a bit high, and Grandma Jiang strictly controls his meat eating.

“What nonsense, I stewed it for Qinghan.” Grandma Jiang was not used to him at all, cursing.

Grandpa Jiang was taken aback, turned his head into the living room and saw Tang Qin.

Tang Qin laughed: “Grandpa.”

Grandpa Jiang coughed a little awkwardly, and laughed and said: ” Qinghan is here, what happened to my arm?”

“I accidentally fell.” Tang Qin got up and came to welcome him. He asked: “You are in a bad mood, who is bullying you?”

Grandpa Jiang snorted: “The bad guys, partner to win my money. I won’t play mahjong with them anymore.”

Grandma Jiang also snorted. Said: “Let’s pull it down. You have said this eight hundred times. You say that when you lose money. If you win it back, you forget it.”

Grandpa Jiang was not embarrassed after being dismantled, and said stubbornly: “Anyway, I I won’t fight with them today.”

Tang Qin understood, and co-authoring is not happy about losing money.

“Don’t ah, grandpa, you take me there this afternoon, I will serve you as a military adviser, and promise that you will not leave the armor they killed.” Tang Qin volunteered.

Grandpa Jiang’s eyes lit up: “You can play mahjong?”

“Too good,” Tang Qin said.

Grandpa Jiang’s eyes brightened, and he said, “Then you go with me in the afternoon, and I will tell them now, lest they find other brands in the afternoon.”

Tang Qin nodded.

Grandpa Jiang happily went to chat on WeChat.

Grandma Jiang was very speechless to him, and this old man had such virtue.

Grandpa Jiang said in the group to continue playing mahjong in the afternoon. The three poker friends were very happy. Today, he was out of luck. He either fired a cannon or was touched by himself. He didn’t win a game all morning. Everyone likes to play with people who are weak Play mahjong together.

At lunch, Grandpa Jiang rubbed two spare ribs with him, but didn’t eat the pumpkin because it was too sweet, so Grandma Jiang wouldn’t let it.

Tang Qin looked funny and envied when Grandpa Jiang was unconvinced, but still very obedient.

In the last life, she and Jiang Yunji had no chance to stay with each other until they were old. In this life, she didn’t ask for anything, but only wanted to be able to be like Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Jiang after a few decades.

After lunch, I rested for an hour. Just after two o’clock, Grandpa Jiang put his hands on his back and took Tang Qin out to play mahjong.

Tang Qin Road gave Grandpa Jiang an idea: “Grandpa, don’t say I can play mahjong later, just say I’m bored and follow you out to play, I will use my mobile phone to guide you how to play, let’s pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger.”

“You This little girl is pretty bad.” Grandpa Jiang laughed: “But I like it, haha.” After the

deal was settled, when the place was reached, Grandpa Jiang only introduced her to the other three old men and said that she was a granddaughter-in-law, boring. Follow him out to play, nothing else.

The three old men didn’t gossip, they were waiting to win Grandpa Jiang’s money. Soon they set aside mahjong and started to fight.

Tang Qin sat obediently next to Grandpa Jiang, took out his mobile phone, opened Jiang Yunji’s dialog box, crackled typing, and pretended to be serious about chatting on WeChat. In fact, his thoughts were on Grandpa Jiang’s card.

In the first game, she didn’t direct Grandpa Jiang how to play, she just watched the game and touched Grandpa Jiang and the other three people’s playing methods.

When it was the second round, Tang Qin started to command, but the command was very concealed. He didn’t let Grandpa Jiang win the money when he came up. He first commanded him how to not lose money or fire a gun.

It wasn’t until the fifth game that Tang Qin started helping Grandpa Jiang win money. Grandpa Jiang played cards and watched his mobile phone again and again. He could win money with a dual purpose, which inevitably caused dissatisfaction among poker friends.

“Lao Jiang, what are you looking at? Can you play cards well?” asked the card friend.

Grandpa Jiang said with his eyes crossed: “I haven’t been delayed in playing cards, and I haven’t talked about WeChat, so I can’t just watch the group chat.”

“How important is it to watch now?” asked the card friend.

“Discuss grandson and grandson’s wedding.” Grandpa Jiang said nonsense.

Paiyousan answered: “Are you set for a date? Yunji should get married. The last time I saw Yunjin, she was about to give birth.”

“Alright, soon.” Grandpa Jiang glanced at Tang Qinfa’s For the content, a sheet of thirty thousand was hit.

No one wants it.

The next card was drawn, and he drew another 30,000, and then he played out.

Grandpa Jiang knocked the card down: “Haha, that’s it.”

He won thirty thousand, and he just threw one out, but he didn’t expect the next house to fire again.

The next person who fired the gun was dumbfounded, and cursed: “You are sick. If you win 30,000, you have to fight 30,000.”

“I’m happy, can you control it, give money to money, don’t talk nonsense, I still have it.” What about the hidden money.” Grandpa Jiang stretched out his hand happily.

“Let me see what your bar is.” The poker friend from the previous family turned down, and suddenly fell into the trap: “I’ve beaten you to the bar, no wonder I’ve listened to it a long time ago, and no one is playing this. The cards and the co-authors are all here with you.”

“Hahaha.” Grandpa Jiang was very happy.

The remaining card friend said strangely: “You are so lucky in the morning, why are you so lucky in the afternoon.”

“It’s all bullshit. Who can have bad luck? I washed my hands several times before going out. “Grandpa Jiang said nonsense without changing his face.

The three card players also have the character of not admitting defeat. The more frustrated they are, the more courage they are, and the more they lose, the more they fight.

Tang Qin has a good grasp of the rhythm and won’t let Grandpa Jiang win all the time. He won two out of four rounds, lost one round, and tied the other round. Sometimes he followed the winning point with the small cash, and the command was calm and stunned. No one found out that she was the reason Grandpa Jiang was lucky.

Grandpa Jiang relied on Tang Qin’s guidance to play cards all afternoon, and won all afternoon, and he won all three card friends’ money, and his drawer was full of money.

At the end of the game, the three card players were still not convinced, and they agreed to fight again tomorrow.

If you fight again, you will fight again. Grandpa Jiang is not afraid. With Tang Qin, he won’t lose.

When he walked out of the chess and card room, Grandpa Jiang burst into laughter before he left. He patted his bulging pocket and said, “Go and go, Grandpa will take you to buy something delicious.”

Eat ice cream on a hot day , and grilled sausage on a cold day . Grandpa Jiang’s two hobbies.

He led Tang Qin to a small shop in a familiar way, and bought some grilled sausages, and the grandfather and grandson sat on the chairs to eat.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it?” Grandpa Jiang’s mouth was full of oil.

Tang Qin smiled and nodded: “It’s delicious.”

Grandpa Jiang smiled and said, “Your grandma is the most annoying. This is not allowed to eat, then is not allowed to eat. I often sneak out to eat.”

“I can see it, you It’s a habitual offender.” Tang Qin smiled.

The grandfather and grandson were eating the incense, Jiang Lie ran over and pointed to the grilled sausage that Grandpa Jiang had eaten halfway in his hand: “I knew you came to eat the grilled sausage again.”

“Then you didn’t come out and blackmailed my grilled sausage. Give it to you, and half of it.” Grandpa Jiang gave him half of the grilled sausage.

Jiang Lie didn’t dislike it at all. He took a bite and squeezed between the two of them. He sat down next to Tang Qin, caring whether her arm hurts or not.

As soon as he finished school, he learned that Tang Qin had come, and had broken his arm. He waited for a while at home and didn’t find anyone. He ran to the chess and card room and found no one, so he knew he was looking for it here.