Chapter 2040: Was moneyed by the great-grandson

Chapter 2040: Was paid by the great grandson

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, is Xiao Lie behaved lately?” Tang Qin stopped the little guy’s shoulder with his good arm.

Jiang Lie nodded again and again: “Be good. Mom, will you stay here for a few days?”

“Yes.” Tang Qin asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Lie said, “We will hold a parent meeting tomorrow afternoon, mother you Go?” There

was expectation in his little eyes.

“Our Xiaolie parent meeting, of course we have to go.” Tang Qin agreed.

There was a smile in Jiang Lie’s eyes.

Grandpa Jiang was quite disappointed, so he won’t be able to win the money tomorrow afternoon.

He was going to discuss with Jiang Lie: “Can you let your grandmother go?”

“No!” Jiang Lie shook his head firmly.

“Grandpa will give you money.” Grandpa Jiang tried to have money to solve the problem.

“How much do you give?” Jiang Lie asked.

Grandpa Jiang tentatively asked, “Is one hundred enough?”

Jiang Lie didn’t speak, took two hundred from his pocket and took a picture of Grandpa Jiang.

Grandpa Jiang: “What are

you doing?” “I’ll give you two hundred. If you lose in mahjong tomorrow, it will count as mine. I will make up for it if it is not enough.” Jiang Lie said.

Grandpa Jiang: …

what is this? He was so old that he was punished by his great-grandson?

Grandpa Jiang just wanted to beat the child.

Jiang Lie had a hunch, he stood up and ran.

“Baby rabbit, stop for me.” Grandpa Jiang chased after he got up.

Seeing the old and young you chasing after me, Tang Qin laughed out of anger.

Just then Jiang Yunji called, and she was still smiling when she connected.

Jiang Yunji asked her: “What are you laughing at?”

“Grandpa laughing and Xiao Lie…” Tang Qin told Jiang Yunji about the matter.

Jiang Yunji asked: “So you kept sending me messy WeChat messages in the

afternoon, just to cover up for grandpa’s cheating?” He was busy all afternoon and just had time to look at his phone when he saw Tang Qin sending himself a bunch of garbled codes. Thought her WeChat account was hacked.

Tang Qin smiled and said: “Yes. I won a lot of money for my grandpa, and my grandpa also bought me a piece of grilled sausage.”

“Then your treatment is not as good as Gu Yuan. When Gu Yuan helped grandpa win money , grandpa I also asked him to eat ice cream for five yuan, you only cost two yuan for a piece of grilled sausage.” Jiang Yunji teased her.

Unexpectedly, Tang Qin couldn’t be fooled, so he said: “The grandson-in-law belongs to his own family, and the grandson-in-law is the guest. Of course, be polite to the guests.”

Jiang Yunji couldn’t help but laugh after hearing this.

He was still smiling until he hung up the phone.

When Zhang Lun came up, he saw Jiang Yunji sitting on the rooftop, with one leg bent, a cigarette in his hand but not smoking, and a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“It’s different for people with family members. People go to eat as soon as they’re busy, but you come to see your wife as soon as you’re done. Look at this wretched smile, what kind of sweet words the daughter-in-law said.” Zhang Lun sat down beside him. Leaning on, leaning on his shoulders with a grin.

Jiang Yunji couldn’t help thinking of what Tang Qin said about the ending of Zhang Lun’s last life. He was able to escape from the army with Zhang Lun’s help. Because of this, he was expelled from the army by the army, and there was no good result.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yunji brought the cigarette to his mouth and took a sharp sip.

He will no longer give the Li family a chance to hurt the people around him.

“Why are you still playing melancholy?” Zhang Lun saw him not speaking, and thumped him on the shoulder.

Jiang Yunji had a pain, and smiled and cursed: “

Come on, it just happens to be itchy hands. Come before you eat, and you will have a good meal later.” Zhang Lun was eager to try. His ultimate goal in life is one day. Can put Jiang Yunji on the ground.

Jiang Yunji didn’t want to fight, he was so tired, he shook his head: “Don’t fight.”

“No energy.” Zhang Lun cut his voice, and then asked: “How are you mysterious these past two days, and you keep staring at Dongli Village.” It’s not our business to do what in the case of this case.”

Jiang Yunji couldn’t tell him the truth, so he just made an excuse.

Zhang Lun has always believed in him and persuaded him: “Let’s do less for yourself and go home with your wife if you have nothing to do. The eldest is not young, and it’s not easy to marry a daughter-in-law. Don’t let people keep their vacancies alone. Look at us people. Are there still few divorced?

Marrying us is like widowed. Few women can stand it.” “My boss is not young anyway, I have married a daughter-in-law, how about you?” Jiang Yunji went back.

Zhang Lun felt hurt and stared: “You don’t want to hit someone in the face, you don’t swear, you are enough.”

Jiang Yunji was not afraid of him, and continued poking into his heart, and asked: “How long do you like that kindergarten teacher? It’s been a year or two years? Haven’t caught up yet, don’t chase people into the hands of other men.”

“Fuck, Jiang Yunji, you get me up, I have to fight with you today.” Zhang Lun Annoyed and jumped up.

Jiang Yunji also jumped up, but he jumped up and ran, not giving Zhang Lun a chance to fight.

Zhang Lun chased after cursing.

… In the

evening, Grandma Jiang made a lot of delicious food for Tang Qin. Tang Qin accidentally ate too much. Jiang Lie wanted to go out to play, so Tang Qin went out to play football with him, just to digest.

Elderly people live in nursing homes, not to mention children like Jiang Lie, young people like Tang Qin are rare, so the football field is very empty and no one plays at all.

Tang Qin’s arms couldn’t exercise vigorously, so she stayed by the side, watching Jiang Lie kick, and by the way sent some small videos to Jiang Yunji.

Jiang Lie was able to play very happily by himself, and he was used to playing by himself. Normally, Grandpa Jiang brought him out and looked at him in the same way. Only when Jiang Teng and Jiang Yunji came can they play with him.

When Jiang Lie was tired of kicking and sweating profusely, the mother and son walked back together.

Tang Qin asked: “Aren’t you boring to live here? You don’t have any playmates.”

“It’s okay.” Jiang Lie said: “I went to Su Yulin and the others to play on weekends.”

Tang Qin still loves him in the end . , Touched his head, and said: “Now Mom and Dad can’t pick you up, but soon, will Xiao Lie wait?”

“It’s okay.” Jiang Lie said, “I’m used to living here too. , Can still be company with grandpa and grandma. “

Too sensible.

Tang Qin felt sorry for him even more.

Other people’s children are like him, and they enjoy the company of their parents. But for him, his biological parents have passed away. Jiang Yunji is still busy and has no time to care about him. It seems that there is nothing else he can give him except for food and clothing. NS.

“After attending the parent meeting tomorrow, my mother will take you to redeem the prize, how about we go and eat the delicious food?” Jiang Yunji left the lottery ticket to her when she left, so that she had time to redeem the prize.

“What reward?” Jiang Lie asked.

“Lottery, my mother bought a lottery ticket, she will definitely win the jackpot.” Tang Qin said.

Jiang Lie didn’t doubt that Tang Qin could not win the prize, and nodded happily: “Okay, okay, I want to go to the buffet, and I want to go to the movies.”

“No problem,” Tang Qin agreed.

Jiang Lie said, his little face was full of joy.