Chapter 2041: Accident

Chapter 2041: Accidentally

Chapter 2041: Accidentally

Jiang Lie got tired from playing football, went back to take a shower and fell asleep.

Tang Qin accompanied Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Jiang for another conversation before returning to the room.

After washing and lying on the bed, Tang Qin looked at the phone. There was no phone number from Jiang Yunji and no WeChat account.

Tang Qin glanced at his mouth and made a video call to him.

Jiang Yunji was connected. He was sitting at the desk, not knowing what he was looking at, he was very serious, and only gave Tang Qin a side face.

Tang Qin didn’t bother him, just staring at his profile in a daze.

In fact, Jiang Yunji’s appearance is not suitable for running between various countries to perform tasks, because it is too outstanding, and fortunately the current disguise technology is developed, otherwise he will go out to perform tasks and be exposed in minutes.

Tang Qin loved this face miserably in the previous life, and this is the same in this life, she occasionally feels lucky, lucky that she can have two lives to love the same person.

Jiang Yunji was looking at a confidential document, because he was so fascinated, he forgot to turn on the video. When he thought of it after watching it, Tang Qin, who was on the opposite side of the video, was already asleep.

He was afraid of waking her up, so he would hang up subconsciously, but when he touched the screen with his hand, he changed it to mute.

There was no sound here, and Jiang Yunji seemed to be bolder. He looked at her sleeping face and looked out of his mind.

Tang Qin’s appearance is undoubtedly a good-looking trigram, but he has never looked at her carefully like this. Her eye hairs are not too thick, but they are very long. Xu is too long, and the tail is tilted up. Those who use eyelash curlers are all warped.

He couldn’t help but think of what she said. She said that she loved her very much and how they loved each other in the last life. He didn’t know anything about those things and didn’t have any emotional resonance, as if he was listening to a story between her and another person. .

But that person is another him.

This feeling is very complicated, and Jiang Yunji can’t describe it. He just gradually understands one thing, and he likes her a little bit.

For the former Jiang Yunji, this can be said to be impossible. He does not allow him to like anyone, and he is so harsh on himself that he can’t even control his feelings at will.

But Tang Qin became the accident.

Since when did you like it?

Maybe when she called his husband for the first time, maybe when she picked up the gun to beat Jiang Lie for the first time, maybe when she cooked his first meal, maybe…

Jiang Yunji suddenly discovered that they knew each other The time is not long, and the time to get along is not long, but there are already many and many common memories.

That night, Jiang Yunji watched Tang Qin for a long, long time, and it was a long time before the phone turned off automatically when the phone was out of power, and he suddenly saw how long he watched her.

Tang Qin had a good night’s dream. The next day she got up and had breakfast with Grandpa Jiang, Grandma Jiang, and Jiang Lie. After Jiang Lie went to school, she accompanied Grandpa Jiang to play cards. She would still kill Sifang and return at noon. In front of home, Grandpa Jiang bought her another roasted sausage to treat her.

In the afternoon, she went to Jiang Lie’s kindergarten to hold a parent conference. The kindergarten parent conference didn’t actually start, it just took a form and ended soon.

As soon as it was over, Tang Qin took Jiang Lie to Hipi and went to the sports lottery store to redeem the prize. She didn’t show up by herself and asked Grandpa Jiang’s driver to redeem the prize. The prize won’t be able to hit her card for a while. After learning that it was indeed the same as the previous life, that number won the first prize, she took Jiang Lie to play.

The mother and son went to play video games first, and spent two hours in the video game city before they came out to search for food until they were hungry.

Jiang Lie was going to the buffet. Tang Qin was inconvenient to pick up the meal because he dangled an arm. Jiang Lie took care of her all the time, helping her with food, juice, fruit, peeling shrimp, cutting steak, and taking care of her. Don’t be too careful.

Several mothers, who also brought their children to the buffet, looked at their children and looked worried, how could the children who raised them know that they would eat it, regardless of them, they still had to peel off shrimps and slice steaks for the little cubs.

“Xiao Lie, what movie do you want to watch?” Tang Qin asked while holding his mobile phone while enjoying Jiang Lie’s service.

Jiang Lie reported the title of the movie: “Special Actions.”

“It doesn’t sound like a cartoon.” Tang Qin started looking for the movie as he said.

“Well, it’s a military movie.” Jiang Lie said.

Tang Qin found this “Special Operations”, which tells the story of peacekeepers, adapted from real stories.

The little guy deserves to be a child raised by the Jiang family. He doesn’t like watching cartoons, but he likes watching this kind of subject matter.

“Okay, I’ll book the tickets.” Tang Qin looked at the next session and found that there were no tickets for the early sessions. The earliest sessions with tickets were ten o’clock, and it was twelve o’clock at the end.

“It’s a bit late at twelve, why don’t you come back tomorrow?” Tang Qin asked.

“It’s okay, mom, I’ll stick to it.” Jiang Lie looked like he really wanted to see it.

Tang Qin couldn’t bear to refuse him, so he booked a ten o’clock ticket. After booking, I called Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Jiang.

The old couple also felt relieved and said that they would be picked up by the driver when it was about to end.

Tang Qin also talked to Jiang Yunji.

Jiang Yunji called over after a while, but he told Jiang Lie to take care of Tang Qin. There are so many people in the cinema, so don’t let others squeeze her arms.

When Jiang Lie hung up the phone to talk to Tang Qin, Tang Qin’s face was full of smiles.

It was less than eight o’clock after eating, Tang Qin took Jiang Lie to stroll around in the mall, bought some clothes for Jiang Lie, and did not carry them, leaving an address for delivery to his home.

It was ten o’clock quickly when I was shopping around. When queuing to check the ticket, Jiang Lie had been protecting her. If someone got too close, he would politely ask others to stay away and don’t run into his mother. .

When everyone saw him so warm, they all praised him as a good boy.

Tang Qin touched his head. Apart from Jiang Yunji in her previous life, Jiang Lie was the one who regretted her the most. Fortunately, she could prevent Jiang Lie from being kidnapped again in this life.

Although it is late, the theater is full, which shows how hot the movie is.

At the beginning of the movie, Jiang Lie watched the movie very seriously, and Tang Qin also looked seriously, the shot was quite real and very burning. If Tang Qin was asked to rate it, he would give him a score of nine, which is indeed a good shot.

It was already twelve o’clock when I finished watching, Jiang Lie was still very excited, not sleepy at all, and his eyes were bright and said: “Mom, I will also be a peacekeeper when I grow up.”

Tang Qin said, “Although my mother doesn’t want it. You do such a dangerous thing, but if this is your dream, mom will support it.”

“Thank you, mom, don’t worry, mom, I will be better than my dad in the future.” Jiang Lie was full of confidence in himself.

“Well, mother believes.” Tang Qin encouraged: “Xiao Lie is the best.” The

mother and son walked out as they spoke. The driver was already waiting outside, and when they got into the car, they started the car and left.

Jiang Lie was very excited along the way, telling the driver the plot of the movie.

The driver also watched Jiang Lie grow up, and talked to him with a smile.

Tang Qin leaned back in the chair to rest, and suddenly a high beam came over, and a large truck swiftly crashed into their car.

The driver subconsciously stepped on the brake and turned the steering wheel.

Tang Qin also subconsciously hugged Jiang Lie in his arms, and only heard a bang when the truck rammed into him, too fast to react.