Chapter 2042: Conjecture

Chapter 2042: It is assumed that

Jiang Yunji received a call from Grandpa Jiang and learned that it was already one in the morning when Tang Qin and Jiang Lie disappeared. He had just finished his work and had not called to ask Tang Qin whether he was back home. Grandpa Jiang called.

Grandpa Jiang said that the driver had already picked them up, but he never came back. He didn’t get through when he called the driver, and no one answered Tang Qin’s call, realizing that something must have happened.

Jiang Yunji comforted a few words on the phone, and when he hung up, he started to check the lines from the cinema to the nursing home, and then called the traffic control bureaus on these lines one by one to ask them if anyone had a car accident.

A traffic control bureau said that there was a car accident on a certain road half an hour ago. A truck with a brake failure hit a car. The drivers of both sides are now in the hospital.

Jiang Yunji confirmed the license plate with the Traffic Management Bureau, and after confirming that it was Grandpa Jiang’s car, he asked: “Is there no mother and son in the car?”

“Mother and son? No.” The traffic management bureau replied, “Because it is late, we I saw two drivers in the past. The collision of the car was not so serious. It was because the truck rolled over and pressed the driver inside. It was choppy enough to save life.”

Hearing that Tang Qin and Jiang Lie were not found in the car, Jiang Yunji was loose. In a sigh of relief, no matter where the mother and son are now, they are safe at least temporarily.

He called Grandpa Jiang and told Grandpa Jiang about it.

Grandpa Jiang pondered and asked: “Have you offended anyone recently?”

“I have offended too many people.” Jiang Yunji said.

However, there are very few people who know that he is Jiang Yunji, and he uses a different identity and name every time he performs a task.

“Be serious, except for those who want to retaliate against you, who would cause a car accident and take them away.” Grandpa Jiang said solemnly.

Jiang Yunji actually had a suspicion in his heart, but he couldn’t tell Grandpa Jiang and comforted: “Don’t worry, grandpa, I will find them and take them home safely. Don’t worry about you and grandma, let them go to the hospital and have a look. Uncle Chen.”

Grandpa Jiang hummed, and said, “I will be notified

as soon as I have news.” “I see.” Jiang Yunji responded.

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Lun had been transferred to the surveillance system near the accident site and said to him: “You guessed it, someone deliberately caused a car accident to kidnap them. I checked the surveillance system nearby and saw that it was a van. The car is very familiar with where there is no surveillance, and there are almost no traces of investigation.”

“You show me the video you took, and then you help me check the entry and exit records of the two people.” Jiang Yunji said.

Zhang Lun gave him the USB flash drive and asked, “Which two people?”

Jiang Yunji wrote him two names.

“Ruan Zheng?” Zhang Lun said: “Isn’t this your father-in-law? What are you doing to check him?”

“Let you check and check, don’t ask so much.” Jiang Yunji said.

Zhang Lun nodded and went to investigate.

Jiang Yunji turned on the road surveillance video in the USB flash drive while thinking about what Tang Qin had told him.

Regarding matters related to the previous life, everything that Tang Qin knew about the Ruan family and Li family had told Jiang Yunji. Among them was the kidnapping of Jiang Lie in the previous life.

Jiang Lie was kidnapped in the last life after Ruan Qinghan became sober and had exchanged identities with Tang Qin. After the Ruan family learned that the Jiang family valued Jiang Lie, they were afraid that Ruan Qinghan’s future children would not be taken seriously. They wanted to solve this worries.

They took advantage of their own mission and conspired a kidnapping case. They wanted to kill Jiang Lie directly. Yes, but the Jiang family was looking for someone too fast, and Jiang Lie was rescued.

But it also left the sequelae of a heart attack, and since then he can no longer do strenuous exercise.

But Jiang Lie’s dream was to serve as a soldier, but his wings were broken for life.

Jiang Yunji felt his heart choked when he thought of what Tang Qin said.

There is also Tang Qin. In the previous life, she was tricked by the Ruan family into a foreign country to cause an accident. If she were not lucky enough to meet Lei Ting, there would be no life in this life.

Jiang Yunji suddenly caught a point.

Why did the Ruan family kidnap Jiang Lie in advance, and also kidnap Tang Qin together?

This is different from the trajectory of the previous life.

Ruan Qinghan.

The key is Ruan Qinghan. If the Ruan family didn’t rely on it, they would definitely not move Tang Qin.

Is Ruan Qinghan awake?

This possibility is very high for Jiang Yunji, after all, Ruan Qinghan woke up in his last life.

Although the time in this life is not right, Ye Jiexing also said that Tang Qin’s rebirth will cause a butterfly effect. Like Li Sa, she was shot by Tang Qin before she started to be a demon in this life. Until now, Not awake yet.

So it is entirely possible for Ruan Qinghan to wake up early.

After figuring this out, Jiang Yunji grabbed his mobile phone and called Zhang Lun, asking him if he had found the exit record.

Zhang Lun said: “I just wanted to call you. I found out. Your mother-in-law went to the United States half a month ago and has not returned. Your father-in-law did not leave the country. I checked their travel records by the way. Your father-in-law is even in S city. Haven’t been out. Of course, it is limited to surface investigation.”

They are all masters in this industry. Whether they are going abroad or traveling, there are a hundred ways to hide their traces.

It is enough to find out that Ruan’s mother has left the country.

Ruan Qinghan is in the United States.

He seemed to be right.

“You asked me to check them. Is it related to them?” Zhang Lun wondered when he checked. If it doesn’t matter, Jiang Yunji will not check his father-in-law when his wife and children are missing.

Just before Jiang Yunji could answer, he was confused again: “But if it’s related, just kidnap Xiao Lie. How come you even kidnap your own daughter and do a full set of dramas?”

“I can’t answer these questions for the time being. “Jiang Yunji said.

Zhang Lun was speechless and said, “Okay, did you see anything from the surveillance?”

Jiang Yunji didn’t need to look at it anymore, because Tang Qin had told him that after Jiang Lie was kidnapped in the previous life, their home was in the eastern suburbs. Jiang Lie was found in an unfinished building.

If nothing happens in this life, Tang Qin and Jiang Lie will also be tied there.

“You tidy up and go to a place with me.” Jiang Yunji said.

He didn’t answer Zhang Lun’s question, so Zhang Lun didn’t ask any more, and he responded with hello.

Both of them changed into casual clothes, and they also tacitly disguised their faces. They were all dressed in black, and they were hidden in the night.

Jiang Yunji drove a mission vehicle, which was also black, and drove out of the army by night.

The distance between the eastern suburbs and the troops was a two-hour drive away. It can be seen that Ruan’s family deliberately chose a place that far away from the troops.

He took the risk when he was still in S City, and the Ruan family was really courageous.

Jiang Yunji drove the car, pursing his lips into a line.

Zhang Lun knows him too well, knowing that this is a manifestation of Jiang Yunji’s jealousy and anger.

The Ruan family was too courageous to kidnap Jiang Lie. I wonder if Ruan Qinghan knew about it.