Chapter 2043: Escape

Eastern suburbs, unfinished buildings.

When Tang Qin woke up, his whole body was hurt, and his body seemed to fall apart, and he couldn’t help groaning when he moved.

Oh shit!

Tang Qin cursed in her heart, she was now tied up with her hands and feet, obviously she was kidnapped.

“Mom, are you awake?” Jiang Lie’s low voice sounded nearby.

Tang Qin immediately looked over. The light was too dark, and she could only see Jiang Lie’s outline, with a small figure lying on the ground with his hands and feet tied.

“Xiao Lie, how are you? Where are you injured?” Tang Qin asked in a low voice.

At that time, she had protected Jiang Lie for the first time, but she was all injured, and Jiang Lie must have been injured somehow.

“I’m fine, mom, how about you?” Jiang Lie asked.

Tang Qin didn’t want him to worry: “Mom is okay. Xiao Lie, are you afraid?”

“Scared.” Jiang Lie said honestly. He woke up in pitch darkness before Tang Qin. He was tied up with his hands and feet. Extremely, after hearing Tang Qin’s breathing, it was a little better.

Tang Qinrou said: “Don’t be afraid, mother will protect you, is your schoolbag still there?”

” Yes .” With Tang Qin’s comfort, Jiang Lie became bolder.

“That’s good.” Tang Qin was relieved slightly, Jiang Lie had a gun in his schoolbag and a coma bullet, which could save his life in times of crisis.

She already thought about who kidnapped them.

Apart from Ruan’s family, there will be no other people.

The time was earlier than the previous life, which was not in Tang Qin’s expectation, but fortunately he was prepared.

Jiang Yunji is so smart, he himself told him about the last life, he may already be on the way to save them.

Thinking of this, Tang Qin felt even more relieved. She whispered: “Xiao Lie, can you move?”

Jiang Lie said, “You can move a little bit.”

“Then you come to mom for a little bit, and mom will help you untie the rope. “Tang Qin said.

Jiang Lie grunted to Tang Qin like a silkworm chrysalis. Tang Qin used his mouth to bite the rope in his hand. Maybe he thought he was just a child. The rope was not too tight, and Tang Qin’s solution was not very troublesome. , But also tore his lips, and the blood stained the rope.

After untying the ropes of both hands, Tang Qin asked Jiang Lie to untie the ropes on his feet. Jiang Lie had great strength and quickly untied them, and then crawled behind Tang Qin to help her untie the ropes.

Tang Qin’s rope was tied very tightly. Jiang Lie used both hands and mouth to untie the rope. The little mouth was also worn out.

Once his hands were free, Tang Qin quickly untied the rope on his feet.

“Mom, are you seriously injured?” Jiang Lie smelled a heavy smell of blood.

Tang Qin suffers a lot of injuries now, not to mention other places, but the open wounds on his shoulder are very painful.

But where could she take care of it now, she whispered: “Mom is okay, give the schoolbag to mom.”

Jiang Lie hurriedly gave her the schoolbag on his back.

Tang Qin found the gun and coma bullets that he had given Jiang Lie from inside, and checked it. The bullets in the gun were still there, and there were not a few coma bullets.

Six bullets, three unconscious bullets. It was the capital for her and Jiang Lie to save their lives.

She doesn’t know the details of how the Ruan family planned to kidnap Jiang Lie in the previous life, but this life is obviously different, because they tied themselves together.

If the guess is correct, Ruan Qinghan woke up early, and the Ruan family wanted to take advantage of this incident to get rid of Jiang Lie, and then take advantage of the situation to replace Ruan Qinghan.

The abacus is very loud, and the Ruan family is still the same as the previous life, unscrupulous in order to achieve the goal.

“You wait for mom here, mom will come over and take a look.” Tang Qin said to Jiang Lie after condensing his thoughts.

Jiang Lie nodded obediently. After spending a long time in the dark, his eyes adjusted.

This is a ruined building. The house was half built and the developer ran out of money, so it was rotten here. Every room had no doors and windows. Only this one was installed temporarily to kidnap them. The doors and windows were sealed. It’s dead.

Tang Qin tiptoedly walked to the door. The door was obviously locked with a cat’s eye on it. Looking out of the cat’s eye, she only saw a patch of red light in the dark. She counted and three people were smoking outside.

Three people, the light is not good, it is difficult for her to kill them in an instant, and she doesn’t know whether they have guns or not, so she can’t take risks easily.

She thought about it, and decided to use a coma bomb to solve three people at a time and create a chance to escape.

Tang Qin walked back again and said a few words in Jiang Lie’s ear.

Jiang Lie nodded. The mother and son quietly walked to the door and stood behind the door. Tang Qin gestured to Jiang Lie with his fingers. When all three fingers were put down, Jiang Lie cried loudly.

The three people outside the door stopped smoking at the same time, and one asked: “Is this awake?”

“It must be awake, kid, dark and sloppy scared.” The other humane said.

The third person asked: “Would you like to go in and see?”

“No, our task is to guard them, don’t care about the others.” The first person said.

Tang Qin heard these conversations and motioned to Jiang Lie to cry louder.

“Ahhhhhhhhh…” Jiang Lie wailed dryly, and Tang Qin, who was loud, felt that his eardrum was about to be shattered.

There was another dialogue outside the door, and the second person said: “Go in and plug his mouth, crying like this in the middle of the night will wake up the nearby households.” The

third person nodded, threw the cigarette butt to the ground, and got up. When you step on it with your foot: “I’ll take a look.”


The third person opened the door with the key, walked in, and wanted to turn on the flashlight.

When it was said that it was too late, Tang Qin flashed out from behind the door, turning his head in his hand and patted the back of the third person’s head quickly and accurately.

The third person screamed: “Fuck.”

Tang Qin didn’t give the two people outside the door a chance to come in at all. He threw the unconscious bomb to the ground with a shake of his hand, and exploded with only a bang.

She and Jiang Lie were prepared long ago, and the moment the coma bomb exploded, they screamed out.

The three of them were completely dumbfounded. After hearing the bang of the explosion, they were subconsciously lying on the ground and holding their heads in both hands. When they realized that it was not a bomb, they had inhaled the coma. The powerful effect made them lose energy in an instant. .

“Damn, the woman and the child ran away.” Before going into a coma, the first person shouted through the walkie-talkie.

Tang Qin guessed that there must be more than three people. Hearing this voice, she pulled Jiang Lie and ran faster.

The others reacted quickly. A few people went down to the first floor to block the exit, and the rest chased them both.

Tang Qin didn’t run far either. The advantage of the unfinished building is that there are obstructions everywhere, and it seems that there is no place to hide, but in fact, there are places to hide everywhere.

She took Jiang Lie into a room, and let Jiang Lie hide under the window. She hid behind the window and didn’t look anywhere. She just looked at the ground outside. As long as someone approached, the moonlight would cast a figure on the ground.

This was the method Jiang Yunji taught her in the previous life. She didn’t have the chance to use it in the previous life, and she didn’t expect to use it in this life.