Chapter 2044: Are you looking for this kid?

The empty and unfinished building is full of footsteps chasing them. Although it is messy, there are many people who can hear them. At least a dozen people are searching for them in the building at the same time.

Tang Qin snorted in his heart, Ruan Zheng had so many people kidnapped the two of them, and he was too dear to them.

Just thinking about it, a figure appeared on the ground, and Tang Qin held his breath, slowly squatting down. There are too many people on the other side, and her bullets are limited, and she can’t just waste it. If she can hide, she can’t hide, and she can’t shoot again.

Tang Qin hid under the window with a fluke mentality. However, her luck today was obviously not good enough. The other party conducted a carpet-like search, not letting go of every room, and walked in directly.

Tang Qin acted decisively, with a shot facing him, accurately piercing the opponent’s heart, and the opponent fell to the ground with a bang.

“There is a gunshot, over there.”

“The woman has a gun, everyone be careful.” The

sound of the gunshot instantly attracted everyone else.

Tang Qin quickly touched the weapon on the man on the ground. There was only a dagger, but no gun. She took the dagger and pulled Jiang Lie and ran away.

Fortunately, Jiang Lie didn’t run less often. Although his steps were small, he moved fast and didn’t slow down at all.

When the others chased after the gunfire, they only saw the man who was shot on the ground. Tang Qin and Jiang Lie had run away early.

“Fuck, what are you doing? Why didn’t you notice that the woman had a gun long ago.” The headed tattooed man roared.

“We searched, and we didn’t find a robber. Who knows where her gun is hidden.” A younger brother was very aggrieved.

“Idiot.” The tattooed man slapped him on the head: “What about that child, why don’t you search that child.”

“This…I didn’t expect a child to carry a gun.” The little brother said with a guilty conscience.

The tattooed man really wanted to kill him.

“I warn you, if we let them both run away, we won’t live one by one.” The tattooed man roared, “Don’t hurry up and chase them. They can’t get out. You will find out if you dig three feet.”

A group of younger brothers quickly dispersed.

The tattooed man said again: “Fuck you, be careful.”

At this time Tang Qin and Jiang Lie hid in another room, the same one under the window and the other behind the window, Tang Qin holding a gun in his hand, Jiang Lie Holding a dagger in his hand.

“Xiao Lie, don’t be afraid. If it’s dangerous, just use this knife. Don’t think about it when you use it. Just use your breastfeeding power.” Tang Qin whispered.

Jiang Lie held a dagger in his hand. He was a little nervous, but it was only a little bit. Seeing Tang Qin calmly holding the gun, and then raising the gun to kill someone, he secretly encouraged himself not to be afraid, you are A man cannot be inferior to a woman.

“Mom, I will protect you.” Jiang Lie said firmly.

“Thank you Xiaolie, my mother will also protect you.” Tang Qin gave him an encouraging look.

The mother and son dared not speak after a few words, and they both watched the outside attentively.

Jiang Lie’s little ears were very good, and soon he heard footsteps. He asked Tang Qin with his mouth if he was two people.

Tang Qin nodded and slowly squatted down.

The other party knew that he had a gun in his hand, and learned to be smart. Knowing that he couldn’t bring down two people at the same time with a single shot, he changed his strategy, and the two went together.

Tang Qinfuer murmured a few words with Jiang Lie, and Jiang Lie nodded to indicate that he had remembered.

The sound of footsteps outside was getting closer, and two people soon appeared at the door, and Tang Qin counted down silently in his heart.

Three, two, one.

With a fall, two people appeared in sight, Tang Qin shouted: “Hi.” The

two subconsciously looked over, and Tang Qin raised his hand with a shot.

The other party reacted quickly. One was shot, the other had already used this short time difference to knock Tang Qin down, and the gun fell to the ground with a click.

Tang Qin fought with the man. She was injured and physically weaker than the man. She was slapped in the head by the man’s slap.

Jiang Lie took the opportunity to pick up the gun and fired at the man’s back.

With a bang, the man fell down.

“Goodboy.” Tang Qin gave Jiang Lie a thumbs up.

Before Jiang Lie was afraid, he ran over to pull her: “Mom, let’s run.”

Tang Qin endured the pain and got up, and the two ran away again.

There are still three bullets in the gun, but the opponent obviously has more than three people left.

Fortunately, there are two coma bombs.

When the tattooed man chased him, he saw two men lying on the ground again, and his anger was extreme.

“Fuck.” The tattooed man cursed: “Let everyone come over. She has few bullets. There is blood on the ground. Follow the blood to surround her.”

He gave an order and all his men came over, except The two guarding the entrance and exit, the others are all assembled.

The tattooed man personally took a group of his subordinates, flashed flashlights, and followed the blood on the ground to find Tang Qin.

The light of the flashlight was particularly bright. Tang Qin saw it from a distance. She realized the danger, and the other party dared to call her with a flashlight. She must have been irritated by her previous behavior of killing three people in a row. Fortunately, she had few left. A bullet, ready to attack.

However, it came just right.

She slapped the two coma bullets in her hand, two of which were enough to stun the rest of the people.

“Xiao Lie, just hide here and don’t go out. Give the gun to you.” Tang Qin stuffed the gun into Jiang Lie’s hand.

Jiang Lie knew that he could help too little. Obedient is the greatest help. He nodded and exhorted: “Mom, you must be careful.”

“Mom will.” Tang Qin touched his head and let him hide. Under the window, he ran out by himself.

She ran a distance, deliberately exposing herself.

The tattooed man saw her and shouted: “Catch me.”

A group of subordinates chased after her, and Tang Qin deliberately slowed down and asked them to surround her.

“I see where you are running.” The tattooed man walked up slowly and looked at Tang Qin with a sneer.

Tang Qin also looked at him and asked: “Who instigated you to kidnap us? Don’t you know who you kidnapped.”

“No matter who it is, you are dead to know.” The tattooed man said viciously.

After killing his brothers, he will avenge this grudge now.

Tang Qin didn’t intend to waste time either, anyway, she knew who it was, and escape first was the key.

In the next second, Tang Qin directly fell two coma bombs, only to hear a bang, two large groups of mystery-causing smoke were released.

Tang Qin covered his nose and mouth, turned around and ran away.

“Catch me, don’t let her run.” The tattooed man shouted.

A group of subordinates hurried to chase, but after a few steps, they started to feel dizzy and one by one, they fell down one by one.

The tattooed man was startled and realized something in an instant, but it was too late and he fell down with a bang.

At this time, Tang Qin had already ran out for several tens of meters, and when he looked back, he saw that they had all been recruited. He could not help but breathe a sigh of relief and ran to find Jiang Lie after turning the corner.

But when he ran to the original room, Jiang Lie was gone, and a man lying on the ground had been shot to death.

Tang Qin’s heart jumped.

Who kidnapped Jiang Lie?

“Are you looking for this kid?” Someone suddenly uttered behind him.

Tang Qin turned around instantly and saw a stout man pinching Jiang Lie under his arm. Jiang Lie dropped his head without any reaction at all.

In the other hand of the man, he held Jiang Lie’s gun.