Chapter 2045: A tooth for a tooth

Chapter 2045: A tooth for a tooth

Tang Qin knows this man, and it can even be said that this man is the psychological shadow of her last life. If she hadn’t been lucky enough to meet Thunder in the last life, she would have been tortured to death by this abnormality a long time ago.

In the previous life, she was deceived by Ruan Zheng and his wife to go abroad. They instructed this man to drive herself to death, but this man just stunned her and told Ruan Zheng that she was dead. In fact, she was hidden and tortured.

He is a pervert who takes pleasure in torturing women. He likes to draw deep and shallow wounds on women. He likes to see women’s painful expressions. He prefers to cut the scars when they just scab. The tortured woman died.

She was tortured by him for half a month, and finally found a chance to escape. She ran into Thunder on the way he was chasing. Thunder rescued her and she was able to save her life.

Only Lei Ting knew about this. After she helped Thunder to make money in the previous life, Lei Ting arrested him and asked her to kill him by herself.

Unexpectedly, in this life, they met again.

She still remembers his name, Zhao Shenggui.

When she saw Zhao Shenggui, she seemed to remember the pain of being cut apart by him. The pain engraved deep in the nerve swept uncontrollably.

“Don’t worry, this kid is still alive.” Zhao Shenggui looked at her and licked his lips as if he saw his favorite prey.

Tang Qin was not at ease at all, she took a deep breath and let out another breath slowly.

Don’t be afraid, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Tang Qin tried to persuade himself with a cold and hard voice: “The one who saved us will be here soon. If you want to survive, I advise you to leave as soon as possible.”

“You are right, I have to leave as soon as possible , but before I leave, I have to Take you.” Zhao Shenggui licked his lips again, his eyes were greedy. After he threw Jiang Lie on the ground, he walked towards her.

Tang Qin wanted to run subconsciously, but as soon as she saw Jiang Lie, she couldn’t run.

She can run, but what about Jiang Lie, she can’t leave him.

If you can’t run, you can only delay time.

Yun Ji, you have to hurry up, or you won’t have a wife.

Tang Qin prayed in his heart and bit his scalp.

She hadn’t learned any fighting skills when she was taken away by Zhao Shenggui in her last life. Later, after joining the military factory, she deliberately learned some self-defense skills, and then she was with Jiang Yunji. Jiang Yunji deliberately taught her martial arts, although she was not good at learning. , But it can save lives at critical moments.

When Thunder’s previous life sent someone to catch Zhao Shenggui, he discovered that he was very skilled. In order to catch him, Thunder also damaged two people, so Tang Qin knew that his three-legged cat’s kung fu was not his opponent, so he could only resist.

Sure enough, after only a dozen rounds, she was thrown out by Zhao Shenggui, hitting the stone pillar with her back, and she called out because of the pain.

Hearing her scream, Zhao Shenggui’s eyes burst with abnormal excitement. He strode forward to lift her up, and with his other hand drew a dagger, he cut through her arm with a sneer, and blood spurted out immediately.

Tang Qin called out again in pain.

Zhao Shenggui got even more excited, and struck down again.

Tang Qin understood his excitement and called out loudly.

Zhao Shenggui’s excited eyes were red, and he cut open the wounds on her body with a knife, watched her bleeding, and listened to her screams.

When Jiang Yunji and Zhang Lun came in through the window, they heard Tang Qin’s screams, Jiang Yunji’s eyes condensed, and he ran towards the source of the sound quickly.

Zhang Lun followed closely behind.

Jiang Yunji ran up and saw Tang Qin who was covered in blood at a glance. The blood stained his eyes red.

Zhao Shenggui ran as soon as he heard the sound of footsteps, and jumped out several meters.

“Want to run.” Zhang Lun raised his hand with a shot and hit Zhao Shenggui’s calf with a bang.

Zhao Shenggui knelt on the ground with a puff, but it was very hard, and then got up again and continued running the next second.

“It’s pretty hard.” Zhang Lun wanted to continue shooting, but was stopped by Jiang Yunji. His speed was much faster than Zhao Shenggui, and he pressed him to the ground before Zhao Shenggui was about to jump the window.

Zhao Shenggui and Jiang Yunji fought, but no matter where he was Jiang Yunji’s opponent, he was beaten to the ground by Jiang Yunji three or two times.

Jiang Yunji dragged him back like a dead dog and threw him to Zhang Lun to watch, and he quickly went to see Tang Qin.

Tang Qin was still awake, and when he saw Jiang Yunji, he could smile at him.

“I knew you could find it here.”

Jiang Yunji pursed her lips and checked the wounds on her body. They were all wounds. There were car accidents, and the rest were cuts. Blood was bleeding from more than a dozen holes. .

“It’s okay, it’s all minor injuries.” Tang Qin also comforted him.

Jiang Yunji helped her up, let her

lean on the pillar, and said only two words: “Look.” He picked up the dagger on the ground, turned and walked towards Zhao Shenggui.

Zhang Lun didn’t mean to stop him, and kicked him over.

Jiang Yunji stepped on him with one foot and squatted down, and the dagger pierced Zhao Shenggui’s palm in an instant.

“Ah…” Zhao Shenggui’s screams echoed throughout the unfinished building.

This was just the beginning. Next, Jiang Yunji stabbed him with a total of 13 knives, the knives avoided the deadly parts, and Zhao Shenggui screamed in pain.

Tang Qin didn’t expect that Jiang Yunji would avenge her in this way. After all, his identity was there, and many things were inconvenient or impossible to do.

But after seeing her being struck by Zhao Shenggui thirteen times, he did so without even thinking about it.

Tang Qin wanted to cry, but Zhao Shenggui struck thirteen times and she didn’t cry. After Jiang Yunji did this for her, she cried moved.

Jiang Yunji carefully picked her up and whispered: “Yi Ren, I will take you to the hospital.”

Tang Qin sniffed and said, “There are still many people on it, all of whom are stunned by me, but the effect is not long. And this Zhao Shenggui. He is a perverted murderer who killed many women. Don’t let him run away.”

Jiang Yunji nodded and said to Zhang Lun, “Zhang Lun, it’s all over to you.”

“Don’t worry, you hurry up. Take her and Xiao Lie to the hospital.” Zhang Lun said.

Jiang Yunji nodded and first sent Tang Qin out to the car. Tang Qin grabbed his sleeves and cautiously said: “I, also killed a few people.”

She was afraid that this would cause trouble to Jiang Yunji.

She was so cautious, it made Jiang Yunji feel distressed. He touched her face and said softly, “It’s okay, you’re fine.”

Even if Tang Qin kills all the people who kidnapped her and Jiang Lie, Jiang Yunji can keep her safe. .

Jiang Yunji took Jiang Lie out and put him in the car, and then drove the car directly to the hospital.

On the way, Jiang Yunji called the General Hospital of the Military Region, and when he arrived, the doctors and nurses were already on standby.

Tang Qin fainted on the road. Jiang Yunji hugged her out of the car and put her on the medical flat car, and quickly explained her and Jiang Lie’s situation to the doctor.

The doctor also quickly checked the vital signs of Tang Qin and Jiang Lie first. After seeing that both of them were fairly stable, they immediately asked the nurse to go for an MRI scan.

As soon as the mother and son were pushed in, Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Jiang arrived. The old couple were anxious and asked Jiang Yunji anxiously.

Jiang Yunji briefly said that Tang Qin was seriously injured. Jiang Lie saw that there was no trauma, and whether there was any internal injury depends on the results of the examination.

The old couple became even more anxious when they heard the words. Grandpa Jiang scolded angrily. Grandma Jiang clasped her hands and worshiped and worshiped towards the west, asking the gods and Buddhas for blessings from all walks of life.