Chapter 2046: The hatred of more than 30 stitches

Chapter 2046:

The scan results of Qiu Tangqin and Jiang Lie with more than 30 stitches came out very quickly. Fortunately, neither of them had internal injuries, and unfortunately, both of them have different levels of brains. The shock, Tang Qin’s heavier, Jiang Lie’s lighter.

But compared to the driver who had just undergone a major operation, the two of them were very lucky again.

Jiang Lie didn’t need treatment. He was just knocked out in a coma, and he was directly pushed to the ward to rest. Tang Qin had to deal with the trauma of the whole body first. There were many large and small wounds, some deep and some shallow, and there were a lot of places where stitches were needed, and he had to wait a while.

Jiang Yunji asked Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Jiang to go to the ward first to look at Jiang Lie. He himself waited at the door of the operating room.

Grandpa Jiang asked Grandma Jiang to go back to the ward first, and then asked Jiang Yunji: “Who kidnapped their mother and child?”

Jiang Yunji couldn’t tell the truth now, but said: “Zhang Lun stayed there to deal with them. The kidnappers were dizzy and dead. The interrogation has not yet begun.”

Grandpa Jiang frowned, and exhorted: “A good trial, I see who is so courageous, dare to move our Jiang family.”

“Don’t worry about this, go to the ward. “Jiang Yunji comforted.

Grandpa Jiang nodded and went to the ward.

After watching Grandpa Jiang leave, Jiang Yunji took out his cell phone and called Zhang Lun.

Zhang Lun answered the phone and said without waiting for him to ask: “Three were dead, nine were arrested, and you were half-dead and sent to the hospital. I’m in the police station now, and those nine have just woke up and are about to start interrogation. a. ” “

ah, this thing can not get away with Ruan relationship, try to pry open their mouths. “Jiang Yun Ji told Road.

“I understand.” Zhang Lun nodded and reminded: “The three dead were shot dead. How did the gun come from? You have to figure out how to say this.”

In China, except for law enforcement officers, it is illegal for anyone else to hold a gun.

“Who can prove that the gun belongs to their mother and son?” Jiang Yunji asked rhetorically.

Zhang Lun: …

Damn it, yeah, why didn’t he expect it.

“On the arrogant, you are the arrogant.” Zhang Lun said admiringly.

Jiang Yunji: “Stop flattering and do things well.”

Zhang Lun: “Which one of your ears tells me that I’m flattering you?”

“Both ears heard it.” Jiang Yunji said.

Zhang Lun: “Your ears are stuffed with donkey hair. How are your younger siblings and Xiao Lie?”

“Xiao Lie is okay, with a slight concussion. Tang… She is more injured and still dealing with the wound.” Jiang Yunji said.

Zhang Lun heard the words and said: “My younger brother and sister are worthy of being a military wife, and I didn’t shame you.”

Jiang Yunji thought she shouldn’t have experienced this, but he wouldn’t tell Zhang Lun this, so he hung up the phone.

Tang Qin’s wound had been treated for several hours, and it was already morning when the nurse pushed her out of the operating room.

The doctor followed and told Jiang Yunji about Tang Qin’s condition.

“Two stitches were sewn on the forehead, the old wound on the shoulder was cracked, and eight stitches were sewn. There were more than twenty stitches stitched together in other places. I was afraid that she could not fall asleep because of the pain, so I gave her a stable one. Hang some water, and if you can’t stand it later, hit it to relieve the pain.”

Hearing that Tang Qin had more than 30 stitches stitched up and down, Jiang Yunji clenched his fists. It hurts for such a thin person to have so many stitches. .

“About how long will it take to wake up?” Jiang Yunji asked in a low voice.

“About two hours,” the doctor said.

Jiang Yunji nodded and asked: “What should I pay attention to?”

“Don’t touch water, don’t eat hair, try to rest as much as possible, don’t let the wound crack two or three times. It is best to be hospitalized, so that the wound healing can be observed at any time.” Said the doctor.

Jiang Yunji said: “Then be hospitalized, and the stitches will be removed before being discharged.” The

doctor nodded, and said, “The nurse will tell you about other things, I will go back first.”

“Thank you, you have worked hard.” Jiang Yunji thanked him.

The nurse sent Tang Qin back to the ward, and Jiang Yunji carefully carried her to the hospital bed, and listened to the nurse’s advice on a lot of precautions.

When the nurse left, Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Jiang came over. Seeing a circle of gauze wrapped around Tang Qin’s head, the old couple hurriedly asked about the current situation.

Jiang Yunji said: “There are more than a dozen deep and shallow wounds, and a total of more than 30 stitches have been stitched.”

Grandma Jiang’s distressed tears flowed down suddenly, covering her mouth and crying.

Grandpa Jiang’s eyes were also a little red.

Don’t mention the old couple feel distressed.

“Those bastards must be shot one by one. Which police station are they in? I will go there and talk to their chief.” Grandpa Jiang asked angrily.

Although the old man retired, Jiang Teng was still in his seat, and the rest of the Jiang family were also in his seat, so if the old man spoke, no one would dare not listen.

But his Jiang Yunji’s daughter-in-law was bullied, and there was no need for the Jiang family’s old man to come forward.

He said: “You don’t need you, I will deal with it when she wakes up.”

“We must deal with it strictly and not be soft. The glory that generations of our Jiang family have won is not for defending our country. His wife and children were bullied.” Grandpa Jiang said solemnly.

Jiang Yunji nodded: “Thank you, grandpa.” It

is not easy for the Jiang family to come to this day. Grandpa Jiang can say that he gave Jiang Yunji privileges. No matter what he did to’avenge’ his wife and children, he was allowed.

Grandma Jiang was afraid of disturbing Tang Qin’s rest. After the grandfather and grandson had finished speaking, she took Grandpa Jiang back to Jiang Lie’s ward next door, and called the maid at home, asking the maid to cook some food and bring it over.

Jiang Yunji was inconvenient to transfer people from the army, so he called Ye Lancheng and borrowed some bodyguards from the Ye family.

After Ye Lancheng learned that someone had kidnapped Tang Qin and Jiang Lie, he was also very surprised, and asked, “Does your dad know?”

“He and my mother are not in S city, and I haven’t told them yet.” Jiang Yunji said.

“Don’t hide such a big thing.” Ye Lan enlightened.

Jiang Yunji said, “I’ll call them later.” After

hanging up the phone, Ye Lancheng arranged eight bodyguards to the hospital.


Zhisu said : “Should we also go to the hospital to see it?” “A few days later, Yun Ji said that the mother and son are not awake yet.” Ye Lancheng said.

An Zhisu is also thinking about it.

After Jiang Yunji hung up the phone, he called Jiang Teng.

It’s still morning, but Jiang Teng and XI are used to getting up early. They are already having breakfast. It’s strange to receive a call from their son early in the morning.

“Calling me so early, wouldn’t it be a cause of trouble, let me wipe your butt.” Jiang Teng was so suspicious when he connected the phone.

Jiang Yunji was speechless, and deliberately scared him: “There is nothing important, just to inform you that you almost have no daughter-in-law and grandson.”

Jiang Teng’s expression changed, and he cursed: “Asshole boy, tell me clearly, what’s wrong with Qinghan and Xiao Lie?”

Hearing this, Eleven also raised his head and motioned to Jiang Teng in confusion.

“They were kidnapped last night…” Jiang Teng opened the amplifier, and Jiang Yunji’s voice came over.