Chapter 2047: I hurt

Chapter 2047: I love the

couple. After listening to Jiang Yunji’s words, they both had a common suspicion that Jiang Yunji’s enemies came to seek revenge. After all, Jiang Yunji’s enemies are too many, and there is nothing impervious to the world. Wall, it is not surprising that his true identity can be found.

Jiang Yunji was also inconvenient to tell the truth, and only said: “Zhang Lun is in the trial and has not yet come out.”

“The efficiency is too low, does the Ruan family know about this?” Jiang Teng asked.

How could I not know, just pretending not to know now, waiting for him to call.

“I don’t know yet.” Jiang Yunji said.

“It’s not easy to hide such a big thing, you have to let it know.” Jiang Teng said.

Jiang Yunji made a sound.

Jiang Teng listened to him indifferently, thinking he had an opinion on the Ruan family, he couldn’t help saying: “Yun Ji, no matter what, the Ruan family is already your Yue family. Even if you feel uncomfortable, you still have to do the courtesy. This is because our family did not protect their daughters.”

He thought that Jiang Yunji was unhappy because the Ruan family’forced’ him to Ruan Qinghan.

Jiang Yunji couldn’t tell the truth, so he had to say: “I know, you and mom don’t need to worry too much. I will

take care of this.” “Well, your mom and I will go back when we are done. You take care of Qinghan.” Jiang Teng finally Exhorted a sentence.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Teng was a little silent and stopped eating breakfast.

“You have to be really worried, I will go back first.” Eleven said.

Jiang Teng shook his head and said, “I’m thinking about other things.”

“What’s the matter?” Eleven asked.

“Yun Ji has been performing tasks independently since he was sixteen, and it has been ten years now. He has made countless merits, suffered countless injuries, and sacrificed too many things. Now he has become a family, and he has fetters. Weakness, I don’t want him to rush to the front line anymore.” Jiang Teng said.

At Eleven, he knew his son and said after hearing the words: “I’m afraid Yunji won’t agree.”

“Hey.” Jiang Teng also knew that this matter was not in a hurry, and said: “I will talk to him when I go back.”

Jiang Yunji is here. After hanging up the phone, he was not in a hurry to call Ruan’s family. He had already sent someone to stare at Ruan Zheng. If things were revealed, Ruan Zheng would definitely move.

Zhang Lun tried for several hours. Not everyone was stubborn. In fact, Zhang Lun took the seriousness of the matter and the group of small shrimps recruited them, but they just acted according to orders, even Tang Qin and Jiang Lie’s identities. I don’t know, let alone who instigated it.

The only thing that could know is that their boss tattooed brother, but the tattooed brother has a very hard mouth. He was interrogated for several hours without eating, drinking, or sleeping, and he still refused to say who instigated him.

Jiang Yunji sent the tattoo brother’s information to Jiang Chao and asked him if he knew the tattoo brother.

Jiang Chao directly called him back and asked him what the tattoo brother was doing.

Jiang Yunji said: “He kidnapped Xiao Lie, his mouth is very hard, and he refuses to say who the mastermind is.”

“Courage is not small .” Jiang Chao admired, and said: “Brother tattoo is his nickname on the road, his real name is Zhang. Wen, I opened a tattoo shop on the west side of the city. There are dozens of gangsters under my hand. There is no climate. I don’t think I would dare to kidnap your son. If the other party gave him enough money, he would hold his seven inches. “

Everyone was arrested, and the other party promised to give him more money, he couldn’t spend it, so I preferred the latter, but I checked him, his parents died early, no relatives, and no marriage and children. , I don’t even have a fixed girlfriend.” Jiang Yunji said.

Jiang Chao said, “Then I will help you inquire.”

Jiang Yunji was not polite with him either.

After making a few phone calls, Jiang Yunji heard a sound from the ward inside. He went in and saw that Tang Qin was awake.

Tang Qin’s expression was not very good, and she woke up with pain. The doctor said that she could sleep for two or three hours, which was not even an hour.

“Don’t move.” Jiang Yunji held down her hand.

Tang Qin was aggrieved: “I hurt.”

It hurts really, even though she has experienced it once in the previous life, it still hurts.

“I’ll call a nurse to relieve the pain.” Jiang Yunji knows that she hurts, and anyone who has stitched so many stitches hurts.

Tang Qin didn’t hold it hard, and nodded.

Jiang Yunji rang the bell and called the nurse to come in for an injection.

The nurse came in soon, and the doctor had prescribed the pain relief a long time ago. There is no need to ask a doctor to prescribe the medicine. Naturally, it is much faster.

The effect of this pain relief was immediate, and Tang Qin felt that the pain was reduced to a tolerable level shortly after he entered.

The wound didn’t hurt so much, and Tang Qin had the strength to speak.

“Have they recruited?”

“Zhang Wen’s subordinates don’t even know, he himself is hard-mouthed, and he hasn’t found any useful information yet.” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin had expected: “I’m afraid that like Zhan Xueying, there is someone important in Ruan Zheng’s hands. You can try to find a breakthrough from Zhao Shenggui. In the last generation, Ruan Zheng was the one who caused him to drive into me. He and Ruan Zheng should have been in direct contact.”

“You said he was a perverted murderer, Zhang Lun handed him over to the criminal police team, but he recruited all the previous crimes and killed five women, all of them tortured.” Jiang Yunji said and asked suddenly. “In the last life, what did he do to you?”

“It’s nothing, he seems to hate women especially, just keep slashing on me.” Tang Qin said calmly.

Jiang Yunji felt distressed. In his previous life, the Ruan family owed Tang Qin too much.

Tang Qin didn’t really want to mention that experience. First, it hurts too much and doesn’t want to recall it. The second is that he didn’t want Jiang Yunji to feel guilty, because he didn’t protect himself.

She went on to say: “Zhao Shenggui has very good skills, unlike ordinary people. When I fought him, I always felt that his fists and feet were very familiar.”

“He used to be a soldier.” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin was taken aback: “Is he a retired soldier?”

“No, he was expelled from the army.” Jiang Yunji said, Zhao Shenggui confessed very quickly, so he has already got the other party’s resume.

“What’s the matter?” Tang Qin asked curiously.

Jiang Yunji told Tang Qin about Zhao Shenggui’s past, which was a pitiful and sad story.

Zhao Shenggui was born in a rural area and his family conditions were not good. He dropped out of junior high school, worked for a few years, and later became a soldier.

In order to change his destiny, his extraordinary efforts in the army can be regarded as Huangtian worthy of his heart, and he has obtained the opportunity to stay in the army and develop.

That year, his parents told him about marriage at his hometown. He went back and got married. He returned to the army after only half a month at home. Because of his wife, he worked harder in the army and entered the special forces unit. A special soldier was ordered.

As a special soldier, the benefits have been improved in all aspects. The only downside is that the people are busier, the tasks performed are more dangerous, and the number of times they can go home is rare.

As a result, his wife in his hometown couldn’t bear to be lonely and derailed, and the object of the derailment was still a bastard.

This was discovered by Zhao Shenggui’s father first. When Zhao’s father went to find the bastard, he was beaten to death by the bastard. When the police arrived, the bastard was gone.