Chapter 2048: The hateful person is also pitiful


2048 : The hateful person is also pitiful. Zhao Shenggui was on a mission at the time , and there was such a big incident at home. Zhao’s mother could not contact him. When Zhao Shenggui knew his wife had cheated, his father was killed by his wife’s cheating object. At the time of the incident, Zhao’s father had already been buried, and his wife also hid back to her natal home because of fear. There was an old mother left who was staying in the hospital and was left without care.

Zhao Shenggui used a lot of connections in order to find the bastard, but the bastard ran away early, and the police were all wanted, and he was not found.

At this time, his wife filed for divorce from Zhao Shenggui because he was afraid of being retaliated. For such a woman, wouldn’t Zhao Shenggui divorce and keep it for the New Year? He directly agreed to the divorce, with only one request, asking his wife to take out the money he gave her over the years to treat his mother.

Who knew that Zhao’s wife had spent the money to her concubine long ago, and she didn’t have any money to save. Because there was no money, Zhao’s mother delayed seeing a doctor, and died three months after Zhao’s father died.

Zhao Shenggui lost his parents one after another because his wife derailed. He hated his wife, but he couldn’t find the murderer of his father. So he went to extremes, took his wife away while she was out, and sank into the river after torturing her to death.

After killing his wife, Zhao Shenggui’s psychology became abnormal. He found the pleasure of revenge from torturing his wife and embarked on a path of crime.

The police did not see anyone or the corpse after Zhao’s wife went missing. In addition, Zhao’s wife’s natal family determined that Zhao Shenggui had killed her, so the police listed Zhao Shenggui as a suspect and pursued it, but unfortunately it has been unsuccessful.

Zhao Shenggui was expelled from the military for this reason. His anti-reconnaissance ability was very strong. In the past few years, he had never been found by the police. He successively killed several women, all of them cheating on their husbands.

After Tang Qin listened, her heart was as complicated as overturning a five-flavored mixed bottle. She never thought of the half-dead metamorphosis that she tortured in the previous life. Before turning into metamorphosis, she was also a clamor for serving the motherland. There was a kind and upright heart, and there was also a painful experience.

Hateful people must have pity.

Tang Qin sighed heavily, suddenly relieved of the things in the previous life.

In the last life, she finally killed Zhao Shenggui, and her enmity was cleared. I met Zhao Shenggui again in this life. Knowing his past, she chose to let go, not for her mother, nor for anything else, just because he was the same as the one she loved the most.

“The murderer who killed Zhao’s father, have you found it now?” Tang Qin thought for a while and asked.

Jiang Yunji said: “He said he had killed the murderer of his father.”

“How did he find it? He is still a wanted criminal, and can he find another wanted criminal?” Tang Qin grasped the point.

Jiang Yunji instantly understood what he meant: “You guessed that Ruan Zheng helped Zhao Shenggui find the murderer of his father, so Zhao Shenggui did his life for Ruan Zheng?”

Tang Qin nodded, “Yes, Father Ruan retired from the army, and he has troops in his hands. It’s not surprising that Ruan Zheng can know what happened to Zhao Shenggui.”

“But these are just our speculations. There is no evidence. Zhao Shenggui will not admit it. Zhang Lun said that although he was mentally abnormal, There is still the trait of a soldier, that is, loyalty.” Jiang Yunji said.

Zhang Lun also asked him who instigated the kidnapping of Tang Qin’s mother and son, and Zhao Shenggui kept silent on this issue.

“If he still thinks he is a soldier from the bottom of his heart, there is a way that he might try.” Tang Qin said.

“What way?” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin said his thoughts.

“Can it work?” Jiang Yunji was very suspicious, Zhao Shenggui had killed so many people, would he still feel regretful?

“I want to try. I was able to escape from him in the last life because I figured out his psychology and took advantage of his occasional repentance.” Tang Qin said.

Jiang Yunji

said: “Okay , I’ll make arrangements.” After talking about this, Jiang Yunji asked again: “Ruan family, what are your plans?”

He dragged forward and didn’t call Ruan Zheng. On the one hand, he wanted to see Ruan Zheng. What happens when the plan fails, on the other hand is to see what Tang Qin thinks. After all, Tang Qin has a prophet about many things and knows Ruan Zheng better.

“Ruan Zheng is definitely afraid to inquire about this now, let alone reach out to the police station, so how I am injured is unknown to him. Why don’t we take advantage of this time difference and force Ruan Zheng to take another risk.” Tang Qin calculated Said.

“Do you have any ideas?” Jiang Yunji motioned to her to continue.

Tang Qin told him in detail.

After listening, Jiang Yunji said without hesitation: “Just do as you said.”

“Believe me so?” Tang Qin smiled.

Her face was not good-looking, she was pale after losing blood, and she lost her usual liveliness when she laughed, but there was still light in her eyes.

For another girl, with so many stitches all over her body, she had already cried to death, and she was still smiling.

“Are you afraid?” He didn’t answer the question, but asked for no reason.

Tang Qin knew what he was asking, and said, “Don’t be afraid, I know you will definitely come to save us.”

She believed him so much.

Jiang Yun Ji, raising his hand, gently touched her face, and said:. “I went late, so that you suffered so many injuries, do not be afraid, let me take some medicine to brocade, the scars will not”

“stay Will you despise me if you are scarred?” Tang Qin rubbed the back of his hand like a pet.

“I have more scars on my body than you, so I am qualified to despise you?” Jiang Yunji said.

Tang Qin laughed and said: “That’s different, you are all medals of merit.”

“A few scars have been told by you.” Jiang Yunji laughed and said: “Go to sleep, I’ll make arrangements. “

Tang Qin took his hand and asked: “Then can you give me a kiss? I still feel a little bit painful, so I don’t need you to kiss me.”

Obviously, he wanted to take the opportunity to act like a baby.

Jiang Yunji saw her careful thoughts at a glance, but did not refuse as before, but leaned over, kissed her on the cheek, and left after the kiss.

Tang Qin almost laughed, she actually saw Jiang Yunji’s earlobe a little red.

After Jiang Yunji went out, she was happy for a while and did not sleep, praying in her heart that this time Ruan Zheng could be taken down in one fell swoop, this disaster would be eradicated sooner, and she would be able to restore her identity sooner.

She doesn’t want to be Ruan Qinghan anymore, grandpa Jiang, grandma Jiang, other people in the Jiang family, and Jiang Yunji’s friends call her Qinghan. She hopes that all important people in Jiang Yunji’s life will know Jiang Yunji’s wife, Tang Qin.

In this life, she wanted to use Tang Qin’s name to be with Jiang Yunji early, and she wanted to let this name appear on his account book early, and she wanted to give Tang Qin the name of Junsao early.

She wanted to make up for all the regrets in the previous life.

She will live well, her Yun Ji will live well, Jiang Lie will grow up well, and their family of three will become a family of four, or a family of five, or even a family of six.

After thinking about it, Tang Qin laughed again, and there was still a slight smile on the corner of his mouth when he fell asleep.