Chapter 2049: Taking the Bite

Chapter 2049: The bait

Ruan Zheng showed no guilty conscience when he received a call from Jiang Yunji. Jiang Yunji told him on the phone that Tang Qin and Jiang Lie were kidnapped. Tang Qin was seriously injured in order to protect Jiang Lie. The person is still in a coma, so let him go to the hospital.

Prior to this, Jiang Yunji had transferred Tang Qin from the military area hospital, transferred to a general hospital, and admitted to the ICU. Ruan Zheng had no one to see when he arrived. I don’t know how Tang Qin was injured.

Jiang Yunji was waiting for Ruan Zheng in the hospital. He didn’t expect to wait for Ruan Zheng and his wife. His eyes were dimmed. Zhang Lun only found the situation record of Ruan Mu, not her entry record, but she was standing here alive. It shows that she had already returned to China with another passport.

The truth of the matter was pieced together at this moment. Mother Ruan was originally only going abroad to see Ruan Qinghan, but Ruan Qinghan miraculously regained consciousness. Of course, the couple wanted to exchange their daughter with Tang Qin, but they were afraid that Tang Qin would not want to, so they designed it. After such a kidnapping, he could quietly exchange for Ruan Qinghan and get rid of Jiang Lie.

It was so in the previous life, and it is still so in this life.

Jiang Yunji’s heart was cold, but he didn’t show it on his face.

He still shouted respectfully: “Father-in-law, mother-in-law.” He never called their parents.

The couple were better at acting than Jiang Yunji. Mother Ruan’s eyes were wet, and she asked anxiously where Tang Qin was and where she was hurt, what the doctor said.

Father Ruan was also anxious, like an ant on a hot pot, asking Jiang Yunji whether the kidnapped person had been found, who had instigated him, and who had an antagonism with the two of them, and so on.

The couple sounded like they were caring about their daughter every sentence. If Jiang Yunji hadn’t known the truth, they would really have believed in their love and sincerity. But now, Jiang Yunji peeled off the camouflage on the surface and saw that Ruan Mu was asking if Tang Qin could live, and Ruan Zheng was asking if he had been exposed.

Jiang Yunji sneered in his heart and said according to the planned words: “Qinghan didn’t suffer any other injuries, but when he hit his head in a car accident, there was a congestion that forced his nerves. Because of the thrilling location, the doctor didn’t dare to operate, so he could only wait. The blood dissipated on its own.”

“As for the kidnappers of the two of them were also caught, I’m sorry, but I want to avenge my enemy for what I did. I’ve hurt Qinghan.” Jiang Yunji showed guilt and apologetic expression.

Ruan Zheng breathed a sigh of relief almost invisible when he heard the statement. He had confessed this in advance. Once the crime was exposed and the person was arrested, he would push on Jiang Yunji. Jiang Yunji had enemies everywhere, and he would not doubt it if he thought about it.

Now it seems that Jiang Yunji really has no doubts.

“Qing Han is your wife if you marry you. It is a blessing or a misfortune that is her life, and we do not blame you. Besides, the doctor did not say that the blood can not be gone. She had a big blessing and was in such a serious car accident three years ago. He didn’t die, and he will surely turn a good luck this time.” The stone in Ruan Zheng’s heart fell to the ground, comforting Jiang Yunji.

“Amitabha, Buddha bless, Qinghan will be fine, can I go in and see her?” Ruan Mu also said.

Jiang Yunji shook his head: “Not for the time being, ICU is not allowed to visit. If you are not at ease, I will take you to see the doctor.”

“That’s fine.” Ruan Zheng said.

Jiang Yunji took the couple to see the attending doctor.

The doctor received them, and when they asked about Tang Qin’s injuries, he said: “The condition of intracranial congestion is not serious or not serious. It is also serious if it is not serious. Whether it will dissipate or when it will dissipate cannot be determined. We can only continue to observe. . But as far as the current situation is concerned, we believe that the possibility of dissipating is very high, and the patient may be sober at any time, so don’t be too pessimistic.”

Ruan’s mother was very happy: “Thank you doctor, I’ll trouble you.”

She was so happy that she was so happy. After all, if Tang Qin died at this time, it would be equivalent to her daughter’s death. Only if Tang Qin is alive will there be another chance to change it back later.

The couple came here and didn’t see anyone, but they didn’t run in vain when they knew what they wanted to know.

Walking out of the doctor’s office, Jiang Yunji said: “Father-in-law, I want to ask you

for something .” “What’s the matter?” Ruan Zheng asked.

Jiang Yunji said: “When something like this happens, I don’t worry about Qinghan’s personal safety anymore. I am afraid that the enemy will retaliate again. However, it is not convenient for me to send someone from the army to protect her, so I have to ask you to send a few bodyguards to guard her. Here, protect Qinghan.”

“If you don’t say that I will, I will call now and let the bodyguard come over.” Ruan Zheng agreed.

“Thank you, father-in-law.” Jiang Yunji thanked him.

Nguyen levy patted him on the shoulder: “What a polite man, Han Qing also my daughter, her safety I got the idea than anyone else.”

Nguyen levy a telephone call, bodyguards quickly, to a total of four bodyguards , Ruan Zheng carefully ordered them to protect Tang Qin so that she could no longer be in danger.

“There is a father-in-law, so I can rest assured. The police station still needs me to deal with it. I will send you and mother-in-law back first.” Jiang Yunji said.

Ruan Zheng waved his hand and said: “We can go back by ourselves. You can go to the hospital. There are doctors and nurses here. There are doctors and nurses here.”

Jiang Yunji did not insist, and went downstairs with the couple. The parking lot is separated.

The couple then got in the car, Ruan Zheng drove by himself and drove back home all the way.

As soon as she entered the door, Ruan’s mother said, “Thank God, Tang Qin was not dead, and we were not exposed. I was scared to death. If Tang Qin was dead, we would have nothing to do with the bamboo basket.”

“This time I underestimated the speed at which the Jiang family was looking for people. Although Tang Qin was not dead, but with this incident ahead, it will be difficult for us to attack Tang Qin in the future.” Ruan Zheng felt fortunate at the same time. What to do after worrying.

“Then what to do? Qing Han is already awake, only a chance to get back.” Ruan Mu also began to worry.

Ruan Zheng didn’t speak, and sat on the sofa.

Mother Ruan knew he was thinking, and she didn’t dare to disturb him.

After a long while, Ruan Zhengcai gritted his teeth and said: “Don’t do it, don’t stop, take the risk again.”

Ruan Mu didn’t understand, and asked: “How to go?”

Ruan Zheng planned: “Buy the hospital. The doctors and nurses, taking advantage of the darkness, changed Qinghan into the ICU without knowing it.”

“This, can it work?” Ruan’s mother said, “What if the doctors and nurses are lax?”

“As long as the doctors and nurses have lax mouths?” If you don’t tell the doctors and nurses, how can they know what we did when we went in? The outside is our bodyguard, let them take Tang Qin away, who knows.” Ruan Zheng said.

Ruan’s mother felt reasonable. It was not the first time that they bought doctors and nurses. It was also considered to be experienced and successful. As long as the money is in place, there is nothing impossible.

Tang Qin was exactly the same as their daughter, and the doctor couldn’t tell the difference. Even if he was suspicious afterwards, he didn’t dare to say anything after taking their money.

“Then this matter must be hurry, if Tang Qin wakes up, it can’t be done.” Ruan Mu said.

Ruan Zheng nodded: “I know, I will invite the doctor out for dinner tonight.”

Ruan Mu prayed: “I hope everything goes well. By the way, are those people’s mouths locked up? In case they are scared by the Jiang family, they tell the truth. what to do?”

“Don’t worry, only Zhang Wen and Zhao Shengwu know me, and no one else knows. Zhang Wen’s wife and children are in my hands, and he dare not talk nonsense. Zhao Shengwu owes me a big bene, he is very loyal in his heart, let alone said. Ruan Zheng is very confident about this.

If he didn’t have some capital in his hand, how could he dare to use people indiscriminately, if everyone’s mouth was not strong, he would have been exposed as early as when Zhan Xueying was arrested.