Chapter 2050: Stimulus

Chapter 2050: Stimulating

Zhan Xueying to be arrested, Dongli Village was caught in a nest, Ruan Zheng’s money was not recovered, which directly caused the lack of capital chain. This is also when he heard that his daughter woke up So, I was anxious to exchange the reason with Tang Qin.

Tang Qin is not his daughter no matter what his daughter is, and he obviously feels that Tang Qin is a person who is not easy to control, and it is basically impossible for him to rely on her for profit in the future.

But his daughter was different, so he was anxious to change her daughter back.

If the Dongli Village incident hadn’t happened, he would definitely not be so anxious, at least he would not do it in the country, he would definitely trick Tang Qin into a foreign country to do it again, unconsciously.

I have already taken the risk once and failed. If you don’t take the opportunity to take the risk again, it will be difficult for you to have another chance in the future.

Ruan Zheng is an activist and he is bold enough, otherwise he would not do anything to ask Tang Qin to pretend to be Ruan Qinghan, so now that he has decided, he immediately began to conceive the details and prepare to implement it.

Ruan’s mother was still thinking about Ruan Qinghan, and said: “I’ll go to see Qinghan first. She has just woke up and has not fully recovered, and no one is taking care of her.”

“Go.” Ruan Zheng nodded.

Mother Ruan drove away by herself. She didn’t even dare to use the driver. She was afraid that a third person besides her and her husband would know about it.

It’s just that she didn’t expect that their every move was within Tang Qin’s calculations. When she left Ruan’s house with her front foot, her back foot was followed.

When Ruan Zheng and his wife were busy planning how to buy doctors and nurses and exchange Tang Qin from the ICU, Tang Qin went to see Zhao Shenggui that night.

She was still unable to walk, and was hugged by Jiang Yunji, put on a wheelchair, wearing a hat, sunglasses and a mask, and was pushed towards the interrogation room.

When he arrived at the door of the interrogation room, Tang Qin said, “Wait for me outside, I can go in by myself.”

Jiang Yunji was not relieved.

“It’s okay. He can’t do anything to me now. You can see it outside. It’s really dangerous. Come in again.” Tang Qin comforted.

Jiang Yunji had to listen to her, and exhorted: “Pay attention to the wound.”

Tang Qin smiled, and her Yunji cared about her more and more.

Pushing the door open, Tang Qin entered the interrogation room under the control of an electric wheelchair.

Zhao Shenggui was lying on the table and sleeping. He didn’t react much when he heard the door opening. He only raised his eyelids. When he saw Tang Qin, he slowly raised his head, obviously surprised.

“Why are you?” Zhao Shenggui took the lead to speak up because of an accident.

He made his own hand, he knew in his heart that death would not die, but it would never be better. For a woman, with such a serious injury, it would take at least half a month to lie down.

“Why can’t it be me?” Tang Qin knew him too well and could irritate him with a single word: “You didn’t lose half your life as you expected. You are very disappointed.”

Zhao Shenggui’s teeth clenched a little bit: ” You are lucky. You are the first woman to

survive from my hands.” “Are you proud to have killed so many women who have no power to bind chickens?” Tang Qin sneered and mocked: “The country cultivates you. , I taught you all the skills to make you harm women? Zhao Shenggui, are you worthy of this?”


An excellent soldier medal was thrown on the table by Tang Qin, and slid to Zhao Shenggui’s hand along the smooth table top.

The back of Zhao Shenggui’s hand seemed to be scalded by something hot, and he lifted up quickly, shouting in shame, “Remove, take it away, you take it away for me.”

Once an excellent special soldier, Zhao Shenggui also received the Medal of Excellent Soldier. He was treasured as a treasure. It was his honor and mission.

But later, he became a shame to his comrades, and he was nailed to the pillar of shame.

He hates, hates his ex-wife who cheated, and hates the dog man who killed his father.

He was not wrong. He took his wife’s hatred and murdered his father’s hatred.

And those women who are also derailed are all damned, they are not worthy to live in this world.

“Zhao Shenggui, do you know who I am? Who is that child?” Tang Qin doesn’t care about his emotions, she just wants him to collapse.

Of course Zhao Shenggui didn’t know, he didn’t care at all, he would do whatever Ruan Zheng asked him to do.

“That child, his name is Jiang Lie, and his adoptive father is an excellent soldier who has performed many, many dangerous missions. For this country, he has sacrificed many, many, so many that you can’t imagine. And his biological father is also a An excellent soldier, but he sacrificed, sacrificed in a mission and was mutilated to death.

I am his adoptive mother and a military sister-in-law. My husband is loyal to the country and I am loyal to my husband. But your master is for himself. I want to kill us, make room for his daughter, and make room for her daughter’s future children.

You, Zhao Shenggui, should have taken a gun to protect the country and the people’s hands, and took up a butcher knife to help your master , The family members of the military. Zhao Shenggui, dream back at midnight, don’t you ever dream of holding a military gun and wearing a military uniform?

You take the unique loyalty of a soldier to be loyal to a selfish and innocent person, Zhao Shenggui , You are sincerely good. Look at that medal, do you deserve it, do you dare to face it…”

“Don’t say…” Zhao Shenggui held his head in pain, Tang Qin’s words made a scene of memories There are mountains in his mind.

The first time he put on a military uniform.

The way he touched the gun for the first time.

His first mission.

He was awarded the Excellent Soldier Medal for the first time.

The way he killed for the first time.

The appearance of his second murder.

The third time, the fourth time… his hands were covered with blood.

Zhao Shenggui collapsed: “Stop talking, I told you to stop talking, what do you know, she killed my parents, she deserves to die, she deserves it.”

“She deserves it, other women deserve it, then me, then Jiang Lie Well, what did we do wrong? My husband took his life to protect this country, the people of this country, and his father paid so much to protect those who were mutilated. Our favorite people paid so much. As a result, his wife and children were killed by someone like you. Mutilation, what did they do wrong? The fault shouldn’t be so heartfelt to the country, and when the wife and children are in danger, do they have to protect the country?” Tang Qin asked, loudly.

Zhao Shenggui’s psychological defenses completely collapsed, and the guilt he deliberately suppressed rolled over. He held his head and shouted in pain: “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know who you are…”

Tang Qin did not speak any more. She knew that she had succeeded. In her previous life, she took advantage of Zhao Shenggui’s occasional regrets to escape, but she didn’t know that he was a soldier at the time, otherwise she would have escaped early and would not have to suffer. So much torture.