Chapter 1 She was born again?!

In the summer of 2017, An Qian, the queen of the Chinese entertainment industry, drove a Ferrari on the highway and collided with a large truck and died unfortunately.

Today’s headlines made the people of China sigh.

Speaking of An Qian, everyone in China knows that she is China’s youngest actress. She is both talented and beautiful. Later, she was exposed to ambiguous photos with a well-known married director, and there were more and more negative news. I don’t know how many people turn around, and the road turns dark.

But anyway, she is also the queen of the entertainment industry!

The myth of the entertainment industry!

In the early morning, a pot of jasmine outside the window soaked up dewdrops and exuded the fragrance, tender and dripping. When the wind blows, the petals move slightly, and a floral-scented wind blows into the room.

It was a ward, clean, with only the smell of disinfectant.

The girl lying on the bed wore long light brown hair, her face was pale, and she looked as clean and pure as an angel descending from the world, her white wings were hidden. The girl’s fingers began to move, her long curly eyelashes quivered slightly, and her eyes opened!

The eyes are like black jade, clean and pure, like a stream of autumn water, especially moving.

As soon as An Qian opened her eyes, a memory that didn’t belong to her squeezed into her head. She was holding the bandage on her head in pain.

The entertainment queen, An Qian, is dead. She is now reborn in a wealthy daughter, Qiao Yu. The original owner is a student of the Imperial Film Academy. Because of her parents’ love, she has developed a very savage personality and some princesses are sick. The school grass who sent a love letter to the school was so angry that she quarreled with the girl who mocked her and fell off the stairs accidentally.

Because of this, An Qian was reborn in Qiao Yu.

An Qian…It should be Qiao Yu now. She sat on the hospital bed in disbelief and looked at her fairer and tenderer hands than in the previous life. She was born again? !

The door opened at this time, and a young and handsome man came in. Seeing Qiao Yu woke up, he said sarcastically, “You finally woke up! You don’t know how your parents are scared by you!”

The person in front of him is Qiao Yu’s elder brother, Qiao Mingjing, the new CEO of JAN Group, who has now become her elder brother. Some can’t accept it…

“You ran to send someone a love letter, and you quarreled with someone if you were rejected?!” Qiao Mingjing’s words were a little bit ridiculous.

Qiao Yu bowed his head in silence, and then said: “Brother…I was wrong.”

“You still know you were wrong!” Qiao Ming was so angry that he akimbo his hips, then reacted, his eyes widened, “You actually admitted that you were wrong!”

The younger sister he knew was so stubborn that she would never admit her mistakes, and would only fight with him. From childhood to adulthood, the two of them didn’t know how many times they had quarreled!

Qiao Yu’s heart beat, squeezed the quilt, and then smiled and said: “Brother, after this incident, I have a little figured out, I won’t be like before.”

“Oh, you’d better do what you say.” Qiao Mingjing’s sullen face eased a little, “I’ll call mom.”

Seeing him go out, Qiao Yu breathed a sigh of relief. Although she was very good at acting, she was afraid that they would see some clues in front of relatives who were familiar with the original owner. She picked up the phone on the table next to her. Today is Saturday, only one day has passed since her car accident!

“Yuer!” A dignified and beautiful woman entered the ward with a lunch box in her hand. There were obvious dark circles under her eyes. As soon as she saw Qiao Yu, her eyes began to turn red, and she went to hold Qiao Yu tightly with excitement.

Qiao Yu opened her mouth slightly and said, “Mom…”

“Eh!” Mother Qiao wiped her tears, touched her head, looked at her thin and distressed, and said: “It’s okay! I’m hungry, Mom made rib soup.”

In her previous life, she was an orphan and did not have a mother. Now she was taken care of by Qiao’s mother so carefully, a little uncomfortable, and her heart was more warm. She took back the bowl and spoon from Qiao’s hand and said, “I’ll drink it myself.”

Mother Qiao smiled softly, and then said earnestly: “Yu’er, Mom has asked the principal to educate the student who quarreled with you.”

Qiao Yu pursed his lips and nodded.

“Does it hurt?” Mother Qiao looked at the bandage on her head distressedly. Fortunately, the stairs were not high and the fall was not serious.

“It’s okay, Mom.” Qiao Yu gave her a soothing smile.

Seeing her daughter suddenly become so well-behaved, Mother Qiao said with red eyes: “That kid Mingjing said you are going to change. I still don’t believe it, our Yuer has really grown up!”

Qiao Yu was drinking the soup with a guilty conscience.

“However, you can’t be so bothered! I just confessed my classmates last month and said I like the new little fresh meat last week. Yesterday I sent a love letter to your school grass…” Mother Qiao began to mutter. .

“Cough, cough, cough…” Qiao Yu, who was drinking the soup, choked, coughing, thinking of what the original owner had caused, and had a headache.

The strange things the original owner did were more than that.

After drinking the ribs soup, I took care of Qiao Yu for an hour, and Qiao’s mother was about to go back. Before leaving, she did not forget to tell Qiao Yu to take a good rest.

Seeing her leaving, Qiao Yu got out of bed and went into the bathroom, wanting to see what she looked like in this life. Qiao Yu frowned when he first saw his face. The original owner was dyed with yellow hair and left heavy bangs that quickly covered his eyes. Originally, his face was small, so it would look ugly and non-mainstream.

Qiao Yu opened her bangs before she could see her full face. Unexpectedly, her face is so stunning! The delicate willow eyebrows inherited from Qiao’s mother. What’s more beautiful are these eyes, which are as bright as black jade, and the contours of the eyes are extremely beautiful, like the petals of peach blossoms, the first eye is fascinated, and the second eye is sinking. The curvature of the nose is also beautiful, as well as the red lips that are like petals.

I thought I was already very good in my previous life, but my face now is even more beautiful than my previous life! Beautiful three points! And it is three hundred and sixty degrees without dead ends!

The original owner is eighteen years old, six years younger than her previous life!

Qiao Yu curled her lips with satisfaction. Which woman doesn’t want to be young and beautiful? She is a face dog, not to mention that she has to return to the entertainment circle.

Thinking of the people and things in the previous life, Qiao Yu darkened her eyes and squeezed her hands.

She wants those people to pay the price!

The former An Qian is dead, but now she is Qiao Yu. She took a deep breath and smiled into the mirror. The delicate woman in the mirror showed a confident smile, beautiful as a blooming orchid.

However, the original owner caused a lot of trouble. He was disgusted by his own brother and tried to provoke many men… Qiao Yu resignedly sighed, went back to the ward, picked up the phone and looked at it. Someone sent her a message on WeChat.

She clicked on the message box and took a look.

[Cici: Qiao Yu, are you there? ]

[Xiqian: Actually you shouldn’t have quarreled with Ye Molan, why are you still so self-willed? ]

Li Qianqian? Qiao Yu thought for a moment, this person is a good girlfriend of the original owner, remembering what Li Xiqian did to the original owner…

Her eyes darkened and she chuckled softly.

Those who used to laugh at the original owner, she slowly cleaned up.