Chapter 1380 Win again

Mi Xiu took out the strength to eat, and even took out the stunts that were originally prepared for the world’s first league.

But what he didn’t expect was that the kid unexpectedly expected what he would do, and immediately turned around and blocked his route in advance.

“How could it be…” Mi Xiu was stunned.

Seeing that he is getting closer and closer to the finish line, if he can’t find a chance to overtake, he will lose the game.

Lose to this inexperienced rookie!

Absolutely not!

Just when Mi Xiu tried his best to surpass Yunxuan, he didn’t notice that there was a car on the field that was like a ghost, wiping around one car after another. I don’t know when it came behind him, biting like a crocodile. Hold him.

Mi Xiu glanced at the rearview mirror and found that it was the Chinese female racer who didn’t know the heights of the world.

Then brushed his body and surpassed him like lightning! ! !

Mi Xiu just felt his eyes sway, and when he reacted, he was overtaken.

This is impossible!

Which bastard!

He was able to surpass him without noticing it, and he didn’t even have time to react.

When Yun Xuan saw the familiar figure appearing in the rearview mirror, his eyes suddenly brightened.

At the same time, the live broadcast heard a voice that was so excited that it almost broke the

sound-“God! What did I see! Whose car is that! No. 8! It’s Lin Yan from No. 8 Aurora! One who has caught up all the way, even directly surpassed Michau who was in second place! This is really shocking! It deserves to have just won the third league championship in the world!”

“Now there is only one kilometer left from the end point. Who will break through the end point first? Is it possible for Mi Xiu to fight back!”

“Gosh! Lin Yan actually surpassed the second place Mi Xiu and the first one. Yun Xuan broke through the finish line! The first place was Lin Yan, the No. 8 racer from Aurora Racing! The second place was Yun Xuan! Mi Xiu followed Yun Xuan with a very small gap! As this time The favorite to win the prize, Mi Xiu actually only won third place in Division A of the world’s second league! This…this result is really shocking!”

After a brief silence on the court, a thunderous eruption broke out. Cheers, especially the car fans in China, are so excited that their voices are hoarse.

The other side of the ocean at this moment.

Sun Shuoran shook the champagne in his hand vigorously, and didn’t even know where to pull out a salute, jumped up and down excitedly, “Oh oh oh! Ahahaha, I know the master will never lose! Master, my eternal goddess! Great! No need to run streaking! The master is really reluctant to bear me!”

The expressions of the butcher and the python were obviously relieved.

As Mi Xiu’s master, Lang Mang hoped that his apprentice would lose for the first time.

It’s just that he is still a little bit confused, “Mi Xiu really lost to a newcomer, what is the origin of that Yun Xuan?”

Lang Mang thought while dialing a phone directly, “Help me book the fastest flight to China. The ticket for the airline, yes, the sooner the better.”

Sun Shuoran looked at Lang Mang in surprise, “Boss, what are you doing? Didn’t you leave the day after tomorrow?”

Lang Mang said blankly, “I want to know that Yun Xuan Who the hell is it?”

Sun Shuoran’s face also sank, “Yes, I actually won the Xiaofanxiu!”

At the moment, on the live broadcast screen, Lin Yan and Yunxuan finished the end, Lin Yan smiled and embraced Yunxuan’s shoulders. Hug.

Sun Shuoran gritted his teeth and looked like he was going to catch the rape. The champagne was about to be crushed by him, “Then I want to go too! Boss, you can book a ticket for me too! Just let the four of us go together!”