Chapter 1381 Rush to rush

On the field, in the live broadcast room, all the audience was booing.

“Streaking! Streaking!!!”

“Didn’t Mixiu say that he streaked after losing a bet? Shouldn’t you have to go back!”

Listening to the “streaking” of the audience, Mixiu’s face was blue and red.

He felt like he had fallen into a hole inexplicably.

With King’s temperament, why did you take the initiative to make this bet with him in the first place? As if he was expected to lose.

Obviously it was a sure win, so he made this bet with King. Who would have thought that in the end, not only did not get the first, but also the second.

Now the data of Division B has not come out, but it is not important to him, he has already lost.

Mi Xiu was so angry that he took off his headgear, “Run, run, don’t you have an idiom in Huaguo that is willing to bet and

lose, I can’t do it!” A boy at this age wants face the most, but for him, it’s better “Streaking” is even more embarrassing to turn back.

If you make a bet but don’t recognize it, what a man is that.

After taking off his headgear, Mi Xiu immediately began to untie his racing suit.

From the neck to the neckline, the honey-colored firm skin was exposed little by little.

The screams of female fans at the scene almost broke through the clouds.

Mi Xiu was originally the type of little wolf dog, with many female fans, it is a rare benefit for them at this moment.

Mi Xiu took off and snorted coldly at Lin Yan who was on the side, “Woman, I didn’t expect that you could do this to see my naked body. Wouldn’t you be after me?”

Lin Yan’s mouth turned slightly. Pumping, this kid is not only arrogant, but also narcissistic.

After Mi Xiu untied the racing suit, he took off his jacket and threw it on the ground, instantly turning into a gangster posture.

The director’s camera was so excited that it hit his chest.

In the end, Mi Xiu’s move to take off his pants was hurriedly stopped by the organizer because he couldn’t pass the trial.

Mi Xiu breathed a sigh of relief, but snorted coldly in his mouth, “This is because you Hua Guo didn’t allow me to run naked, but it’s not that I don’t like it.” The

female fans screamed regretfully.

“Why stopping him ah ah ah!”

“Is ah! Ah let him off!”

“Michaux, I do not mind if you come to my house at night off to give me a person to see ah ah ah!”


While many people excited tip When called, the results of the other division also came out.

The big screen starts to count the final data.

Lin Yan won the final championship of the world’s second league with a three-second lead.

At the same time, the second and third places are all in Division A, the second is Yunxuan, and the third is Mi Xiu.

The first three are in Division A.

This result was unexpected for the entire racing circle.

Before the start of the race, countless fans and experts made predictions about the race, but no one guessed the result.

What is even more surprising than Mi Xiu’s loss of the championship is that Lin Yan was able to defend the championship.

Chinese racers, female racers, no matter which logo in front of Lin Yan is eye-catching enough.

Chinese racers and female racers have always been a disadvantaged group in the racing circle, but it is such a Chinese female racer who has won the championship of this year’s global third league and global second league.

Even the Huaguo racing team and the fans themselves did not expect such a result, because more Huaguo fans still pin their hopes on the two veteran teams of Leiyin and Lightspeed.

Su Cai had already planned to ridicule as soon as the match was over, but she didn’t expect Lin Yan to win the championship again, and she looked almost as if she had seen a ghost.