Chapter 1438 No one can afford to offend

Chapter 1438 No one can’t afford

to offend you, know that JM Group is one of their company’s biggest customers, strangling Liu’s lifeline!

result! They actually invested in the rival team of Aurora Racing!

Because the relationship between Aurora Racing and the other two old monster teams is getting more and more tense, he also personally proposed to let Leiyin Racing Team and Lightspeed Racing jointly deal with Aurora Racing!

This! If this is known by the big guy… Mr.

Liu stared at the bright red cheering flag in the big guy’s hand, with cold sweat on his back.

That’s it!

At this moment, Meng Dong also found something wrong, “Wait, what are you talking about? What girlfriend? Who is Lin Yan’s girlfriend!”

Liu Zhengkun handed the phone to Meng Dong: “Pei Yucheng! Lin Yan is your boss. Pei Yucheng’s girlfriend!”

Liu Zhengkun sent his grievances to Meng Dong, “Lao Meng! What’s the matter with you! That female racing car of Aurora Racing turned out to be President Pei’s girlfriend! Such a big thing, you actually Don’t know?”

Meng Dong looked at the photo, the whole person was stupid, and he said with a black face, “Pei always has a low-key face, this matter is not clear at all, how would I know! However, you are sure that Mr. Pei followed Is that kind of relationship with that female racer?”

“You asked me about your own boss? Isn’t this relationship, so that Pei Yucheng can bring two brothers to watch the race? What is

Pei Yucheng’s status? What is the status of Pei Yucheng? Personality? What’s the relationship to let him watch the game in person with something like a support flag?

Maybe these two children are their sons! Maybe Lin Yan is your boss!” Liu Zhengkun was anxious.

When Meng Dong heard this, he was almost desperate. “It’s all to blame. I have to propose to join forces to suppress the Aurora Motorsport. This is all right. If Mr. Pei knows, what do you make him think! I am the general manager. Need more location!”

Liu Zhengkun said with a cold face: “You think I’m better off. Our company’s largest order every year comes from JM Group. It is too late for me to supply Mr. Pei!” The

two companies, one relying on JM Group’s order, the other is itself A subsidiary of JM Group, no one can offend this big man.

After a moment of silence, the two reached a conclusion at the same time.

In this world’s first league, the racers of their two teams will definitely not be able to win Lin Yan!

“I still don’t believe it, I will confirm it myself.” Meng Dong stood up after speaking.

At the same time, in the stands.

Pei Yutang being raised excitedly shouting: “! Ah ah ah my dad too Niubi!”

Qi Shao Yuan looked calm and said: “Calm down calm on a qualifying it, but this is normal operation my goddess!”

Next to the aisle Above, a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes came over.

Qi Shaoyuan recognized that this middle-aged man was Meng Dong, the boss of another major domestic automobile manufacturer, which was a subsidiary of JM Group.

At the same time, Meng Dong is also another old monster team, the largest sponsor of the Lightspeed team.

Meng Dong walked a little further back, and he saw his big boss, two brothers of the big boss, and two little boys who looked like the big boss in that row.

Meng Dong’s heart was half cold.

Meng Dong walked straight to the row of Pei Yucheng and greeted respectfully, “President Pei!”

When Meng Dong saw the support flag in Pei Yucheng’s hand and the words Lin Yan on his face, his heart was basically complete. It’s cold.

Pei Yucheng’s gaze was falling in the direction of the Jiguang team’s preparation area. After being interrupted, he raised his eyes and glanced at the visitor indifferently, “Meng Meng.”