Chapter 1440 A harder backstage than us

Chapter 1440

Meng Dong, a backstage harder than us, said solemnly: “Try to make sure that you can get into the top three. If you are the first… even if you give her the championship, you won’t be able to win her.”

Ling Yang said with a cold face: ” Why? If you can’t give us a reason, I can’t agree to such a ridiculous decision.”

Tang Sheng also echoed: “I can’t agree!”

Leiyin’s team manager whispered a question, “Boss Liu, Boss Meng, Isn’t this different from what we said before? The previous plan was not to join forces to deal with Aurora. You also promised to put pressure on the Aurora team by all means when necessary to ensure that it is foolproof…”

He thought it was foolproof this time. But, in the end, how could it be the other way around.

Become two bosses to put pressure on them and let them give way to Aurora?

Is this something wrong?

Meng Dong smiled bitterly: “I know it is difficult for you to accept it, but use your mind to think about it. If it weren’t really no way, would we do something that destroys our own interests?”

The manager of the lightspeed team groaned. “There must be only one possibility for the two bosses to make such a sacrifice, and that is… Lin Yan’s backstage is very hard…”

Leiyin’s team manager looked incredulous, “Boss Zheng and Boss Meng are already the largest in China. The car company is now, what other backstage can be harder than our backstage?”

Liu Zhengkun coughed lightly, “Lin Yan’s backstage… is your boss’s boss!”

Meng Dong said, “Moreover, the other party is Liu’s head office. The biggest party can’t afford to offend.”

“What? Boss Meng’s boss?” The manager of Leiyin Racing Team was stunned.

“Boss Liu’s biggest party?” The lightspeed team manager was also dumbfounded.

Ling Yang didn’t know what he thought of, and said in a deep voice, “Could it be…JM Group?”

Tang Sheng was shocked, “No way…”

Meng Dong sighed, “Yes, it’s JM Group. At this moment, my boss is sitting in the stands, holding Lin Yan’s support flag in his hand and Lin Yan’s name written on his face. How dare I let you win? !

him down just a little to find out what will be able to know that we join forces to suppress the smoke of the forest, he suddenly came here today, it might is a warning! “

Meng Dong say, Liuzheng Kun of his face white,” you say, It’s really possible! So no matter what method you use, you definitely can’t win Lin Yan in today’s game, even if… even if you give up the top game, you won’t be able to win her!” The

four of them didn’t expect it to be. This is the result.

In their view, with Liu Zhengkun and Meng Dong, the two big players in the circle, will be able to get tickets to the top race in this race, setting a new record for Chinese racing.

Who could have imagined that the situation would be completely reversed overnight.

They couldn’t figure out how Lin Yan would get involved with such a character!

“This is ridiculous!” Ling Yang patted the table and stood up, “It is absolutely impossible for me to lose to Lin Yan on purpose!”

Meng Dong glanced at Ling Yang deeply, “You can choose to be willful, but the most It’s good to consider the consequences. If you refuse, I will immediately withdraw all sponsorships for Leiyin Racing. Moreover, if you offend such a person, it is impossible for any company to dare to sponsor Leiyin Racing in the future. Leiyin’s team no longer exists, you can refuse.”

Leiyin’s team manager hurriedly pressed Ling Yang, “Brother Yang, calm down!”

This backstage… really

ca n’t be offensive… Who would have thought, this time Actually kicked the iron plate