Chapter 1 Rescue

“Miss, we’re here to take you home.”

Su Yun looked at the few men in straight suits in front of him, her eyes light as water.

“Miss, my husband and wife have been looking for you all these years. After knowing that you are here, they immediately sent us to pick you up.” The man with the appearance of a housekeeper at the front said with a smile, “and the Shen family also I look forward to you, saying that after you go back, you will be engaged to the young master of the Shen family immediately!”

“I see.” Su Yun said, “Let’s go.”

She took the things she had already packed and got into the car.

Pingxian is a small county, far from the capital. If you drive, it takes at least two days to get there.

In the evening, when I arrived in another county, the butler found a hotel that seemed to be decent and said that he would rest here tonight.

Su Yun’s room is the first at the end of the second floor, room 201. It is the best condition of the remaining rooms. The housekeeper and others live on the first floor.

The summer night was dry and sultry, and the old-fashioned air conditioner in the room had something wrong, so Su Yun opened the window for ventilation, and the gauze was raised by the night breeze and fluttered outside.

After the shower, Su Yun turned off the light and went to sleep.

In the sleepy state, there was a noise from outside, awakening Su Yun.

Then, there was a sound from the window, and Su Yun was alert and immediately sat up, but unexpectedly a dark shadow flashed past and rushed directly onto her bed.

A sharp and cold thing touched Su Yun’s neck, and at the same time a low and cold male voice came from his ear: “Don’t move!”

Su Yun froze immediately.

On the man’s arm, there was a very faint smell of blood. It is not a good thing to see blood.

The noise outside became louder and louder. After a while, the door was knocked, and a strong male voice: “Open the door, round the room!”

As soon as the voice fell, Su Yun felt the metal object on his neck, pressing hard.

“Send them away.” The man warned in a low voice, “Otherwise, you will die ugly!”

The man’s right hand was placed in front of her abdomen, and his left hand held a sharp blade against her neck. Only from the strength of these two movements, Su Yun could feel that this man had two tricks.

She couldn’t force it, only temporarily agreed.

“Okay.” When Su Yun agreed, she did not forget to appease the desperate to ensure her safety, “You will be fine.”

The people outside couldn’t hear the response, so they swiped the room card and entered directly.

Hearing the noise, the man pulled Su Yun’s wide T-shirt, put his arms around her waist and let her turn over and sit on him, at the same time, he started to move.

At this time, the door was opened, and a bright flashlight shone directly in.

Su Yun screamed, and immediately squatted on the man, blocking him.

“Husband, what a broken hotel is this? Why is this!” Su Yun clung to the man, as if he was greatly frightened.

Her voice was already sweet and sweet, but now she is so angry and angered, and with the rush of her breath, she is so sultry.

Su Yun clearly felt the man below froze.

After a while, he hugged Su Yun, turned over, and pulled the quilt up, covering the two of them tightly.

Under the quilt of the two people, the high and low movements, the low breathing in the air and the thin voices intertwined, the scene was once arousing.

The few people at the door were obviously embarrassed. They didn’t expect to see such an exciting scene when they came in.

Moreover, they were so lonely…continued.

The hotel security chuckled and said, “This man is in awe, can’t help it… It’s not suitable for us, you see…”

A man behind pushed the security guard aside and strode forward.

Su Yun heard the approaching footsteps, and her heart suddenly tightened. Could they even lift the quilt to check?

The cold blade is now against her waist, and every time the sharp blade comes in contact with her skin, her nerves are tense.

The sound of footsteps had reached the bed, Su Yun closed his eyes and cruelly lowered his head.

The quilt was lifted, the flashlight shone over, and a part of the woman’s back was seen.

On the bed, the movement continued. The woman was kissing the man. The man’s hand was holding the woman’s side and was very intimate. The woman was holding the man’s head, and the silk was horizontal, blocking the man’s face.

The fine voice overflowed from the two people, making it even more intimate.

Suddenly a shout came from outside the door: “Boss, there is a situation on the street!”

The man turned his head immediately and left.

The door was slammed heavily, and at the same time, Su Yun slipped off the man.

A faint moonlight shone in through the gaps in the curtains, and the shadows were brilliant. The man saw the outline of Su Yun’s body, slender and exquisite.

I couldn’t help but think that just now, he touched her skin, smooth and delicate. She held his arms, tender and soft.

Her hair was scattered on his face, silky smooth, with a faint fragrance of white tea in the hair.

And her beautiful voice, like an invisible hand, plucking the string in his heart.

This woman was very calm and reacted quickly. In this case, instead of yelling, she could kiss the person as soon as he came in, and made this drama to the extreme so that she bluffed the person. .

When she kissed, her pale lips were slightly cool, and it was just that, and her movements were extremely green.

Thinking of this, the man suddenly spoke, his voice was not as cold and low as he had just before, but with a somewhat deceptive hoarse charm: “First kiss?”