Chapter 3 I’m too lazy to tell you more

As soon as the three words came out, the few people at the table were all stunned.

Su Qingshan “slapped” the table, and shouted angrily: “Hillboy, who do you say is disgusting? My mother kindly picked you up with vegetables, you don’t know how to praise!”

Su Yun lifted her eyes and glanced at the other three people on the table seemingly puzzled: “This beef I said, this beef is raw, it looks a bit disgusting, my sister thinks what I’m talking about?”

“You…” Su Qingshan choked suddenly, she couldn’t think that Su Yun was talking about her mother, right?

Su Yun blinked slightly: “Even so, does my sister think that besides this raw beef, there is anything else disgusting on the table?”

Su Qingshan stared blankly, her throat seemed to be choked by something, and she couldn’t utter another syllable.

Tang Lin on one side said immediately: “Xiaoyun, this is called raw beef. It is a very famous Korean dish. It uses high-quality beef and sterile eggs. It is only available in some high-end Korean restaurants. No wonder You haven’t eaten it before.”

Between the lines, it was a hint that she had never seen so-called good things in the country before.

Su Yun curled her lips slightly: “I still prefer our Chinese cuisine. Moreover, our ancestors have developed so many delicious cuisines and cooking methods, but it doesn’t make us degenerate and eat raw meat like savages, don’t you think?”

There was a moment of embarrassment on Tang Lin’s face, but she still had to wear a gentle smile, and nodded stiffly at the corners of her lips: “Xiao Yun makes sense.”

“Chinese dishes are good. I don’t like those foreign dishes. They always feel weird.” Su Changsheng looked at Su Yun approvingly, “Xiao Yun really looks like a father.”

Su Yun smiled slightly, wiped the chopsticks that had sandwiched the beef with her napkin, and continued to eat unhurriedly, ignoring Su Qingshan’s angry gaze on her.

Tang Lin and Su Yun looked at each other, then turned their heads to look at Su Yun, and asked gently, “By the way, Xiao Yun, which university are you studying at? Qing Shan is now at Pearl University, ranking among the top ten in China. College, how about you Xiaoyun?”

When Su Qingshan heard this, she immediately put on a complacent expression.

Speaking of this, Su Changsheng’s voice became slightly colder: “I have inquired with the neighbors in Xiaoyun’s neighborhood. She is not going to school now.”

“What? Xiao Yun didn’t go to school?” Tang Lin exclaimed, “That’s not good, how can girls not go to school? It would not be good if the Shen family knew about it! Madam Shen told me to wait for Xiao Yun two days ago After they come back, they will also hold a banquet for Xiao Yun. If at that time, let the Shen family know that Xiao Yun is not going to school…”

Su Changsheng interrupted Tang Lin somewhat depressedly: “Stop talking, I will arrange for Xiao Yun.”

Su Qingshan couldn’t hold back a chuckle and laughed. The ones who can go in with the relationship can imagine what kind of 18-rate pheasant school.

If the Shen family really held a banquet for this hillbilly, those vulgar habits of the hillbilly would be exposed, and it would be strange for the Shen family to look upon her!

She also liked Brother Shen very much, but the Shen family was thinking about the marriage contract that year, so she had to find this Su Yun back! What age is it, and the marriage contract is still there!

Su Qingshan was very confident, and the Shen family would never look down on Su Yun, a hillbilly who didn’t know a big character.

Because of the discussion of Su Yun’s study, the atmosphere on the table suddenly became a bit awkward.

Su Yun wiped his mouth with a napkin, and said unhurriedly: “I have already applied for the entrance examination of Beijing University. No surprise, I should be a student of Beijing University in the future.”

Su Qingshan let out a terrifying laughter after a short period of stunner.

Jingcheng University ranks first among domestic colleges and universities, and places for entrance examinations are hard to find. This hillbilly can really boast!

Su Changsheng was startled, his eyes fell cold, and he frowned in disapproval: “Xiao Yun, you didn’t go to school without going to school, how can you lie? You grew up in the country and didn’t learn anything good?”

“Husband, don’t be angry.” Tang Lin said immediately, “Xiao Yun lied to make you happy!”

She looked at Su Yun again, her eyes and voices were all gentle, like a motherly image: “Xiao Yun, not going to school is not a shame, don’t be inferior, don’t lie, we will not despise you because of this, we are a family people.”

Between the lines, it was believed that Su Yun was lying.

Su Yun was too lazy to say, took out the phone, opened a page, and then pushed the phone to the center of the dining table.

Su Qingshan’s sarcastic laughter came to an abrupt end when she saw the content displayed on the phone screen clearly.

It’s nothing else, it’s the admission ticket for Su Yun’s entrance exam.

At the top, the eight characters of “Beijing University Entrance Examination” are clear, and at the bottom is Su Yun’s name and photo.

Su Qingshan grabbed the phone and stared at it for a few times, then threw Su Yun’s phone away, and said in disbelief, “It must be fake! This is yours!”