Chapter 4 Otherwise I will chop your hand

“This is not a photo, but an online document.” Su Yun kindly explained to her, “Can’t you see the domain name of the top Beijing University website?”

Su Qingshan was speechless, her face gradually becoming pale.

There are two kinds of students who can enter Beijing University. One is the student who passed the national unified examination. There is also the social elites who have passed the entrance examination.

It is conceivable how rare the quota for this entrance examination is.

This hillbilly she…

Su Changsheng snatched Su Yun’s phone and read the content back and forth several times. After reading the above content several times, his brows were overjoyed. The talented Bo Lun was gone forever, and he laughed loudly: “Okay, okay! Little! Yun is really amazing!”

He doesn’t care how Su Yun got this place, anyway, he can take this exam, it will be very face to speak out! Really give him a face!

Tang Lin twitched her mouth, and then she also showed an awkward smile: “Yes, that’s great.”

“What’s so good?” Su Qingshan said coldly, “Anyway, it may not pass the exam!”

“It’s better than someone who doesn’t even have the qualifications, what do you think?” Su Yun asked rhetorically.

Su Qingshan suddenly became angry, slapped the chopsticks fiercely, dropped the sentence “I’m not going to eat”, and turned her head away from the dining table.

After the meal, Su Changsheng and Tang Lin personally took Su Yun upstairs and went to her room.

The room is large, and there are not many complicated decorations, but it happens to meet Su Yun’s temperament. She likes simple decorations.

“The opposite is your sister’s room. The next door is your elder brother’s. Your elder brother’s company is busy and doesn’t live at home often. Qingshan’s next door is your brother’s room. He has gone to a summer camp abroad and is not at home now.” Tang Lin smiled softly. , “Look at what is still missing, and tell mom directly, you must live comfortably.”

Seeing his wife’s gentleness and properness, Su Changsheng was satisfied.

“Thank you.” Su Yun lowered her eyelashes, “I want to take a bath first.”

Upon hearing this, Su Changsheng and Tang Lin left wittily.

The cold water poured from the bath head, washing her face. Her eyes are clear and bright, with shining drops of water, with a very beautiful cold beauty.

After taking a shower and wiping her hair half dry, Su Yun came out of the bathroom, but suddenly found that her suitcase had been opened and thrown on the ground, with the contents scattered all over the floor.

She didn’t bring much, just a change of clothes, daily necessities, and a photo of her grandfather.

She turned over the things on the ground, and immediately found that grandpa’s photo was missing.

Su Yun stood up suddenly and walked out of the room.

There was a servant in the corridor cleaning, Su Yun directly asked: “Who just came to my room?”

“Ah, Miss Qingshan just came here.”

Su Yun’s face became cold: “Where is she?”

“Practice the piano on the second floor.”

Su Yun immediately went down to the second floor.

The sound of the piano in the piano room became clearer as she approached. When she reached the door, Su Yun pushed open the door of the piano room violently.

Su Qingshan, who was sitting in front of the red-brown luxury piano, was shocked by the sound of the door hitting the wall. She turned her head and took a look, and saw that it was Su Yun, with no expression on her face: “Are you polite? You scared me!”

Su Yun strode over and grabbed Su Qingshan by the arm: “Where are the photos in my suitcase?”

Su Qingshan frowned and wanted to shake Su Yun’s hand: “What photo? I don’t know!”

“Don’t pretend to me!” Su Yun pressed Su Qingshan on Qin’s body and pinched her jaw, “Say!”

Su Yun’s eyes under the wet bangs were extremely cold, and her bright eyes stared at Su Qingshan unblinkingly. Her men were not polite. The bottom half of Su Qingshan’s face instantly turned red, and tears filled her eyes.

“I… I threw it!” Su Qingshan was really scared by Su Yun’s fierce expression, and she unconsciously said, “I threw it into the trash can outside, that kind of unhealthy thing…ah! “

Su Qingshan didn’t finish her words, because Su Yun slapped her face.

Su Qingshan’s head was beaten to the side, and the fingerprints on her white face were bright red.

“You better pray that my photos can be retrieved.” Su Yun pointed to Su Qingshan and warned word by word, “Otherwise, I will chop off your hand!”

Su Yun rushed out of the Su family villa, only to find that the trash bin had been cleaned out.

That photo is of her grandfather’s death. It is a person who has no blood relationship with her, but who takes her to care and loves her. She thinks it is the only relative in this world.

The photo she used to enshrine the memorial ceremony at four o’clock, can’t be thrown away!

Thinking of this, Su Yun immediately went back to the room, picked up the phone, and edited a text message.

There was a quick reply, with only one sentence: “Boss, don’t worry, I will get the photo back for you!”

Suddenly, Su Yun’s bedroom door was pushed open, and she saw Su Qingshan covering her face, leaning in Tang Lin’s arms and crying: “Mom and dad, she dared to hit me the first day she came back! You can’t just sit and watch. Ignore it!”