Chapter 5 This beauty is so cool

Tang Lin looked at the bright red guide on her baby girl’s face, and felt so distressed that she couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t help but reproach: “Xiao Yun, what can you say? How can you just do it with your sister! Now you are at home, not in the country. , You have to pay attention to your words and deeds!”

Su Yun couldn’t help but applaud for Tang Lin. It was about this time, and she didn’t forget to imply that she was vulgar because she was raised in the country.

Su Changsheng’s background is not good, and what he fears most is to hear how the country folks are doing, which reminds him of his unbearable past.

Sure enough, listening to Tang Lin’s words, Su Changsheng’s face sank a little.

“She moved my most important thing, I didn’t control it.”

Upon hearing Su Yun’s words, Su Qingshan immediately yelled, “Isn’t it just a photo! What happened to me throwing away such inauspicious things? It’s not bad to let her come back. Is she bringing that kind of thing back and wanting to run into someone? ?”

“That is the photo of my grandfather. It is a kind of nurturing for me.” Su Yun looked at Su Changsheng, “I am not a heartless and ungrateful person. Who treats me well, I will remember it for a lifetime, you say right? ?”

Su Yun’s eyebrows and eyebrows look very similar to her mother, and her appearance is as good as her mother. Looking at her face, as if seeing the old woman, Su Changsheng clenched his fists unconsciously, feeling a guilty conscience. Feeling rises from the bottom of my heart.

Especially the words she just said, seemed to poke a certain pain point of Su Changsheng, making him feel uncomfortable.

The distress and annoyance that Su Qingshan had been beaten up just now dissipated. He is really sorry for the daughter in front of me!

So Su Changsheng slowed down his tone: “Xiao Yun, get angry from anger. You still need to pay attention to some things in the future. There are some things that can’t be solved with hands, right?”

Tang Lin and Su Qingshan looked at Su Changsheng incredulously. Su Yun was the one who did it. How could he still talk to her in such a kind manner?

Doesn’t he hate the vulgarity of vulgar language the most?


“So are you, what do you mess around with your sister’s things?” Su Changsheng looked at Su Qingshan coldly and reprimanded, “Be careful in the future, don’t enter your sister’s room casually, you know?”

Su Changsheng rarely spoke to her so harshly, Su Qingshan was a little scared, she shrank her face into Tang Lin’s arms, and did not dare to say anything.

She was beaten, and my father didn’t even call the shots for her, and he passed the incident with a single sentence! Su Qingshan felt aggrieved the more she thought about it, her mouth was pursed, and tears welled up again.

Su Yun, it’s all because of this hillbilly, and his father no longer loves her like he did before!

“That’s right.” Su Yun said again, “If the photos can be retrieved, I hope my dad can help me find a good location so that I can enshrine my grandpa’s photos at four o’clock and keep burning incense to repay my grandfather’s nurturing grace.”

“How can this be done?” Tang Lin immediately retorted, “So how can it be an outsider, how can it be enshrined in our home?”

“Can’t it?” Su Yun tilted her head and looked at Tang Lin, “If someone else knows, they will praise us for the report, how great is this! What do you think, dad?”

Su Changsheng thought for a while and nodded: “The one who raised you should be.”

Su Yun showed a bright smile: “Thank you Dad, then.”

Seeing her father obey this Su Yunyan, Su Qingshan was so angry, her tears flowed fiercely, she couldn’t say anything, and she was extremely frustrated.

After returning to the room, Su Qingshan lay down on the bed, crying faintly, she had not suffered such a grievance for more than ten years!

The people over there did a good job. On the third day, Su Yun received a courier from the same city with a photo of grandpa in it.

Su Yun looked at the benevolent old man in the photo, her heart soft. She carefully wiped the photos clean, placed them on the table in the side hall, and respectfully offered three sticks of incense.

In the past two days, two people came from the Su family, Tang Lin’s nephew and niece.

This nephew had a squinted look, and his eyes hadn’t moved away from Su Yun since he saw Su Yun. That niece is Su Qingshan’s licking dog, and she has a lot of disdain and contempt for Su Yun in secret.

Su Yun didn’t want to communicate with them, so he left the house.

Summer nights always come later, and the night breeze is hot and irritating. Not far from the capital of Huachen, Su Yun went to the convenience store and bought a can of beer.

Leaning on the street lamp, she opened the pull ring of the can with one hand, and the cold liquid poured in from her throat, making her body cool and refreshing.

When she raised her neck, the neckline of the white shirt twitched slightly, revealing a delicate and beautiful collarbone. The neckline is elongated, and the movements are inexplicably elegant, like savoring champagne in a high-end club.

After drinking a can of wine, Su Yun raised his hand and tossed at will. The can drew a parabola and accurately hit the trash can a few steps away.

On a black car not far away, a pair of eyes caught this scene.

Shen Ziyi swallowed his saliva, turned around and patted the man in the back seat: “Brother Yan, this beauty is so fucking cool!”