Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Drinking tea has long been popular. In the morning of every day if we start the day by drinking hot tea. In order to stimulate the body to be alert We will feel the freshness. Being energetic and starting the day Tea that is very popular today is green tea, which we know that green tea is beneficial for the body. But to have more knowledge of green tea In this article, we will introduce you to matcha green tea, which is not only found in Japan because in our country we also have good quality green tea.

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Green Tea – Help lower blood sugar levels Reduces triglyceride levels, helping to lower cholesterol levels.
In matcha green tea contains antioxidants that can help lower triglyceride levels, lowering cholesterol levels. It can also help lower the liver glucose levels in people with diabetes. Reduce the accumulation of sugar in the blood. Therefore, people with diabetes can drink matcha green tea, but it must not be added to nourish the body.

It helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent colds.
In matcha green tea contains polyphenols. Ltheanin and catechin Can help prevent the occurrence of cancer. It also contains vitamin C to help strengthen the body’s immune system.

Reduces stress Feel relaxed
The caffeine in matcha green tea stimulates the body to be alert, reduces stress. Theophylline in kefene that stimulates the brain to be awake, helps the adrenal glands to function efficiently and balance hormones in the body.

Antioxidants in the body help reduce triglyceride levels, reduce cholesterol levels, reduce absorption, reduce the risk of heart disease and angina.

Helps to nourish the body, nourish the nervous system
Matcha green tea contains B complex vitamins, which nourish the nervous system and brain, help the brain to relax. In addition, matcha green tea also contains altheanine, an amino acid that can reduce anxiety, stimulate the nervous wave. Alpha in the brain makes it work better.

Nourishes the nervous system and brain
Matcha green tea contains B complex vitamins that help nourish the nervous system and brain. Your brain feels relaxed. Ltheanine can reduce anxiety. Stimulates alpha waves in the brain to make it work more efficiently.

Prevent tooth decay
In matcha green tea, there is fluoride to help maintain strong bones and teeth.Polyphenols and catechins help bacteria that cause tooth decay, inflamed gums, bad breath. It must be unflavored matcha green tea.