End of the World


Zhou Zishu, the leader of the “Skylight”, a spy agency directly belonging to the emperor, was tired of the bloody life and nailed the “Seven Orifices and Three Autumn Nails” and left the court with only three years left to visit the famous mountains and rivers. The days of leisure and contentment, but because of the idea of accumulating good deeds for a while, he was involved in a confusing battle between the rivers and lakes. He was also closely chased by Wen Kexing, who loves “beauties,” and molested him in various ways.

What is the secret behind the legendary “Liu Li Jia”?

Can Zhou Zishu protect his honest apprentice Zhang Chengling from this bloody wind?

Is the story of the owl and Hongshui repeatedly told by the fanciful Wen Kexing, is it really just like the nonsense of the red boy smashing the mountain to rescue the white snake? Is Zhou Zishu alive or dead after Sanqiu?

From the perspective of Zhou Zishu, the story tells the battle between good and evil in the martial arts of the arena. Among them, there are the wanderings of the martial arts of the martial arts, and there are also the exclusivity and suppression of the various schools of thought. In the tone of laughter and curse, all kinds of strange people and things are endless, making readers want to stop.

Tian Ya Ke
Associated Names: 天涯客, Shan He Ling, Word of Honor, 山河令
Genres: novel, romance
Year: N/A
Status: 77

List of Chapters:

  • Chapter 1 Skylight
  • Chapter 2 Encounter
  • Chapter 3 Desolate Temple
  • Chapter 4 Righteous Scholars
  • Chapter 5 Ghost
  • Chapter 6 Beauty
  • Chapter 7 On The Road
  • Chapter 8 Moonlight
  • Chapter 9 In the Forest
  • Chapter 10 Nether
  • Chapter 11 The Crypt
  • Chapter 12 Illusion
  • Chapter 13 Appearance
  • Chapter 14 Escape
  • Chapter 15 Restaurant
  • Chapter 16 Spirit Fox

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