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Rebirth of Super Banking System

Rebirth of Super Banking System
Other names: 重生之超级银行系统
Author: Mouse No. 6
Genre: Novel, Urban Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Tang Qing was born again in 2004 and obtained the banking system.

So he lights up.

He holds the lifeblood of Africa’s economy. He influences the situation in the Middle East. He is the creditor of most countries in the world. He is the new framer of the entire world financial order. He is the biggest boss hidden behind this planet.

The US dollar is no longer the only hegemon of currency, the euro, let me ring the death knell for you personally. National bankruptcies, debt crises, and economic crises are all bankers’ games. Under the golden power, everything is scum.

This is a story of a strong rise and becoming the top banker.


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