Yin Yang Tattoo Master

Yin Yang Tattoo Master
Other names: 阴阳刺青师
Author: Mr. Mo
Genre: Novel, Science Fiction
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Yin and Yang embroidery, embroidering Yin and Yang, life and death, wealth and wealth, safe in and out. I am a descendant of Yin-Yang embroidery. To put it bluntly, Yin-Yang embroidery is a very special type of tattoo, commonly known as “tattoo”. Yin-Yang embroidery is inscribed on the skin. Logically speaking, in modern cities, this craft should be quite profitable, but before my master passed away, I was forbidden to make money using Yin-Yang embroidery, otherwise I would get involved in something that I cannot provoke.

Chapter Lists:

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