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You are my city camp

You are my city camp
Other names: 你是我的城池營壘小說
Author: N/A
Genre: romance
Release: Updating
Status: Ongoing


It tells the story of a new resident Mi Yan who met with special police elite Xing Kelei during the emergency rescue training organized by the hospital’s joint special police team. From the beginning, the hostility caused by misunderstanding to several unexpected rescues Zhongxing Kelei is gradually attracted by Mi Ha’s bravery, strong and selfless, romantic and sweet love story. During the emergency rescue exercise organized by the hospital and the police academy, special police elite Xing Kelei met with the resident Mi Ha.

Xing Kelei thoughtfully: “Is it a misinformation? Or else, boss, if you help me get the chick, this rumor that damages your glorious image I promise to stop in the mouth of a wise man.” Are you wise? Your whole family is wise! He Yicheng laughed angrily. Regardless of how the two conversations ended, the overall result was: the following days were very calm, and Mi Tu did not receive a call from Xing Kelei, not even a text message. When Xing Kelei was training recruits in the new barracks, Mi Yan was very busy in the hospital. The only difference was that he always subconsciously checked for missed calls.


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