Marrying a spoiled wife: a paranoid husband deeply spoiled

Marrying a spoiled wife: a paranoid husband deeply spoiled
Other names: 替嫁娇妻:偏执老公深入宠
Author:  Taoran dyeing
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Chapter 1577 Collect 10 mess Ongoing


She cured his leg disease and straightened his sexual orientation. Seeing that the thigh was hugged, the marriage contract was canceled, and there was only revenge and abuse left, he was taken away from the company and penniless!

She looked at the one big and one small at the door of her house, and said: Okay, I will raise it!
He hid the hundreds of millions of contracts, and said with a serious look: “My parents have left me a sum of money, which can be taken when we get married and have children.” Yes, get married.
“You have money to have a baby. Let’s have a baby.”

“No, you are a commodity when you are a child?” Commodity? The eavesdropping baby held the piggy bank and put it in front of them, “I want a sister with the most expensive price.”
The matter was successfully resolved, and she filed for divorce.
He hid the marriage certificate and took out the prenuptial agreement that he had lied to her a long time ago: “The contract is effective, and the term of the marriage contract is 100 years. Mrs. Mo, let’s study the matter of giving birth.”

Chapter Lists:

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