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Miss Monte Cristo – 미스 몬테크리스토

Miss Monte Cristo – 미스 몬테크리스토
Other name: Miseu Montekeuliseuto, Miseu Montekeuriseuto, Miss Montecristo
Genre: Suspense, Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Release: Feb 15, 2021 – Jul 2, 2021
Episode: 100
Country: Korea
Broadcast: KBS2
Director: Park Gi Ho
Writer: Jung Hye Won
Cast: Lee So Yeon, Choi Yeo Jin, Kyung Sung Hwan, Lee Bo Hyun


This is a suspenseful revenge drama about a woman whose life was destroyed by the friends she trusted most. After making up her mind to take revenge on those who betrayed her, she returns to reclaim the life that was stolen from her. Go Eun Zo (Lee So Yeon) is a promising fashion designer. She wants to become a designer who makes people happy like her dead father. Due to her friends’ betrayal, Go Eun Zo loses everything. She vows revenge on those responsible for her tragedy.

Eun Jo, Ha Ra, and Se Rin used to be best friends when they were still young and innocent. But pure friendship vanished as they grow up. Ha Ra desired for Eun Jo’s lover, and Se Rin desired for Eun Jo’s exceptional talent. In the end, they have driven Eun Jo to death out of misplaced greed and desire. Eun Jo returns as a heartless woman to take revenge on people whom she thought were true friends.

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