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Heaven Defying Tribulation: Feng Ao Jiu Tian

Heaven Defying Tribulation: Feng Ao Jiu Tian
Other names: 逆天劫:鳳傲九天
Author: Little Master (小主子)
Genre: Other Novel
Release: 2021
Status: 510 Ongoing


Heaven Defying Tribulation: Feng Ao Jiutian, 1,402386250, he is the descendant of the subjugated country, killing people like hemp; she is the daughter of a waste material, reborn with hatred! A piece of promise, marry him as a concubine, and plan the world for him. The white head’s agreement, if she wants the world, he will win it! The world only knows that she is a strange woman, but she does not know that she woke up from the mass grave, and she vowed to get everything back…the power of controlling ice, who can be right? Qin Yin contemplates the soul, wins thousands of miles! ,


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