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Chapter 0 (The First Mythical Calculation)

Yue Fanling watched this scene without any intention to stop it. In her opinion, Bing Xin Cao would definitely lose. Just as a loss point to convince Han Yan to re-select the personal guard.

In the distance, Mu Hanfeng calmly Cao started, standing under the corridor, looking at this side coldly. dreaded aside from the distance between the two sides of the corridor. ?????

“Hua Yue, you go.” Mu Hanyan turned to Huayue and said calmly, “You will win.” Mu Hanyan’s tone was light, but there was an incomparable trust in Huayue.

Huayue was shocked, he didn’t understand why Mu Hanyan trusted him so much. However, he never backed down, no matter what he faced! Even if the opponent’s strength is obviously higher than him!

Mu Cheng smiled contemptuously, and turned to his guards and said, “Hong Shanba, be more merciful, don’t kill them. After all, they are the guards personally selected by the young master of the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“Yes!” Hong Shanba replied loudly, and then smiled contemptuously at Huayue.

The crowd scattered around, leaving a clearing in the middle.

Huayue stepped forward and came to the middle of the clearing. On the opposite side, Hong Shanba also strode forward to meet her. His name is very domineering, and he lives up to his name. He is more than eight feet tall and two heads taller than Huayue. He is as strong as a mountain. Between the hands and feet, the earth seems to be shaking slightly. .

Although Huayue’s figure is not sturdy, it is not too thin, but standing in front of him, it feels like a bean curd.

“Boy, kneel and surrender as soon as possible, Hong Lord, I can make you suffer less, otherwise you will start to fight, be careful I beat your mother without knowing it.” Hong Shanba didn’t put the scallop in front of him in his eyes. , Said with a big grin.

“Fight if you want, or roll if you don’t!” Huayue raised her head slightly and said impatiently.

Contempt, extreme contempt, that look, that look, like looking at a stubborn dog that can only bark and bark.

The surrounding crowd was slightly surprised, but didn’t expect that Huayue could still be so calm and arrogant in front of Hong Shanba. As long as he is not blind, everyone can see that they are not at the same level.

Could it be that there is really something surprising about this guy? Everyone looked at the calm Huayue with doubts, and then at the same calm Mu Hanyan, but they couldn’t see an answer.

“Asshole!” Hong Shan was angry. Although he was just a guard and his strength was only a Tier 2 swordsman, he was tall and strong, and he was called a natural divine power. The average person really didn’t have the arrogant capital in front of him.

For the first time in so many years, this is the first time to look at him with this kind of contempt for seeing a wild dog. The most annoying thing is that he is actually such a weak little bean sprout with a weak and unreliable strength and only a first-order swordsman.

Hong Shanba clenched his hammer-like fists and quietly glanced at Mu Cheng. His mind was not as rough as his appearance, and he knew that the truth of beating a dog depends on the owner. After all, Huayue was the guard chosen by the Lord’s House, if the shot was too heavy, would he get in trouble?

After receiving Hong Shanba’s questioning eyes, Mu nodded, with a cruel sneer at the corner of his mouth, and said inwardly: Anyway, Mu Hanyan proposed the test, and even if Huayue was abolished, he had nothing to say. Isn’t it a shame?

Anyway, this is not the first time this idiot bastard has shame, and it doesn’t matter if he loses it again. And it wasn’t against Mu Hanyan himself, just against the guard he had just selected, there was no pressure at all.

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