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The First Mythical Calculation

The First Mythical Calculation
Other names: 第一神算:纨绔大小姐, First Fortune: Miss Dandy” Ghost Emperor’s Mad Wife, Miss Dandy, Queen Receives First Fortune: Miss Dandy Years Upside Down
Author: Mu Cheng
Genre: Novel, History
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


The editor brings to all the book friends the original novel “The First Mythical Calculation: Miss Dandy” in the daytime. The protagonist is the second-order, Mu Cheng, the writing is excellent and the content is wonderful. I believe that all friends who are troubled by books will like this book. Yes, the book mainly tells that Yue Fanling watched this scene without any intention to stop it. Anyway she sees


Chapter 0 (The First Mythical Calculation)
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