Other names: 问鼎
Author: He Changzai
Genre: Novel, Urban Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“Wing Ding” is an officialdom novel written by He Changzai. It was originally called “The God of Officials” when it was serialized, but now it was renamed “Wing Ding” and was published collectively.

A person who is an official reaches the state of lifting weights lightly, turning stones into gold, and superbly transformed, and he is an official god. Seeing Hong Chen with wise eyes, an official is like a god.

The reborn Xia Xiang stood at the intersection of college graduation, reminiscing about the life he had missed, and cherishing the opportunity before him. He wanted to plan his own life, starting from the secretary of the county party committee, prospering the official, and advancing step by step, running into officialdom.

Disclaimer: If there is a similarity with reality, it can be understood as an absolute coincidence, or as an allusion of parallel space, please do not check-in.

Chapter Lists:

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