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Addiction to pets: Nongmen Jiaofei is very sweet

Addiction to pets: Nongmen Jiaofei is very sweet
Other names: 溺宠成瘾:农门娇妃很甜人
Author: Nine Color Rabbit
Genre: Novel, Fantasy
Release: Feb., 2021
Status: Ongoing


The most beautiful Xiaojiaohua in Yunxi Town is married to a madman who is a tall man. A bunch of people stretched their necks and waited to see a joke. They all said that this man was poor and fierce, and Xiaojiaohua’s face was swollen and hungry. It’s weird to look yellow and thin, but Xiaojiaohua is more and more spoiled. One day, Chu Wanqiu looked at her husband with wet eyes: “They all said you would hit me, I’m so scared.”

Jun Mochen hugged the person in his arms and whispered softly: “They said nonsense. I never beat people, I swear!” Those who chewed their tongues and were beaten with swollen noses and swollen noses: “You don’t beat people? You are not afraid of thundering you who are shameless! This Chu Wanqiu is not kind, didn’t she believe it when she said Why did he ran away crying with Heimian in a blink of an eye?”


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