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Honey Wife: Hundreds of millions of men are addicted to God’s favor

Honey Wife: Hundreds of millions of men are addicted to God’s favor
Other names: 蜜汁娇妻:亿万男神宠上瘾
Author: Chu Yun
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: 5231 Final


She provokes the most powerful and domineering man in the city, only to find out the next day that he is her boss. I thought it was just a passerby of life, but he didn’t expect him to be addicted to her, and he came to the door brazenly. “Wife, you have to be responsible to me! I have your child!!” “Gong Beiming, can you make a face?” A certain president really took out a dumpling from behind, and said in a serious way, “This But you’re yours, you can’t afford it!” “Mommy, I found you happy!” The little powder dumpling rushed directly…


001 Fiance Cheating
002 Disgusting Man
003 Accelerated Heartbeat
004 You made my idea first
005 Soft Kiss
006 What the hell did I mess with
007 I’m still shameless
008 The whole family is bastard
009 Girl, I’m waiting for you
010 Love Rival Comes To The Door To Tear
011 Can you be more shameless
012 Is it fun to grab a husband?
5224 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (28)
5225 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (29)
5226 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (30)
5227 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (31)
5228 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (32)
5229 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (33)
5230 Beijing Yanqiu Chapter (34)
5231 End
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