Lu Chaoyan Qin Shanglu

Lu Chaoyan Qin Shanglu
Other names: 陆朝颜秦商陆最新章节, Lu Chaoyan Qin Shanglu Biqu Pavilion
Author: Yan Guier
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: 606 Ongoing


Qin Shanglu is frail and sickly. All the doctors in Jiangcheng assert that he will not live to 30. At the age of twenty-seven, a girl appeared in his life, named Chaoyan, who was good at Chinese medicine. She is a young lady of the Lu family’s direct relatives, but she is not recognized by the Lu family. She is a shameful offspring in the eyes of her grandfather, and a stain in the eyes of her brothers and sisters, because she is the only stranger who studies Chinese medicine in the Lu family.

After Lu Chaoyan became Qin Shanglu’s personal doctor, Qin Shanglu lived a life of three times every day: Do you follow Dr. Lu’s doctor’s advice? Is there a medicated diet for Dr. Shilu? Do you drink herbal tea from Dr. Lu? One day, Doctor Lu took the pulse: the pulse was stable, undulating vigorously, and he had healed. Qin Shang


Chapter 1: Funeral March at the Engagement Banquet
Chapter 2: Public Humiliation
Chapter 3: Recording as Evidence
Chapter 4: Qin Family Guests
Chapter 5: Disease ‘Beauty’
Chapter 6: Believe her
Chapter 7: Lu Family’s Pot of Congee
Chapter 8: Fox and Tiger
Chapter 9: Long to Japan
Chapter 10: Ugly Faces
Chapter 11: Where’s My Suitcase
Chapter 12: Blackmail two hundred thousand