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Ancient God (Ancient Love Poetry)

Ancient God (Ancient Love Poetry)
Other names: 上古.下卷(電視劇《千古玦塵》原著小說)
上古, Ancient God (Ancient Love Poetry) 上古 (千古玦尘), Antiquity
Author:  星零 Xing Ling (HE)
Genre: Novel, Ancient
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


If mortal people encounter ups and downs, they will ask gods to worship Buddha, but what about gods? The play tells the sad sadistic love between the four true gods of the ancient world, Bai Ju (Xu Kai) and the ancients who have parted with each other in life and death. The ancient growth is the main thread, from a little “rookie” with low spiritual power to a main god who bears the weight of the common people, but after all, he cannot escape the yoke of fate.

God grows far and has deep roots of affection. Some people do not hesitate to destroy the world for her, even if the Three Realms are turned into nothingness. Some people have waited silently for 60,000 years to give her eternal life in the Three Realms by themselves. Under the eight wildernesses of Kyushu, can she carry this eternal love that surpasses the Three Lives III? .

When the ordinary human encounters difficulties and separation in his life, he can nevertheless resort to praying to the Gods and to Buddha – but what if one is a deity?

She lost the memories she had of the three hundred years before the Disaster of Chaos occurred, causing her to forget the love which she had buried deep in her heart.

But she will never forget how he quietly stayed by her side for sixty thousand years; she will never forget the thousands of years he spent in the Northern Sea, frozen in time; she will never forget how he stood upright on the Green Dragon Stage, enduring the pain of having his bones crushed and body burnt; she will never forget how he chose to shatter his spirit into a million pieces and turned into ash, just so she could live.

Today, in the desolation of the Nine Provinces and the loneliness of the Three Realms, a solitary figure remains standing on the Gan Kun Stage.

In this lifetime, she is able to stand upright in front of all the Immortals and Gods; she is able to stand upright in front of the innumerable people and spirits living in the Nine Provinces and Eight Wilderness; she is able to stand upright in front of her deceased Father God Qing Tian; but in front of him, she is unable to stand upright and declare that she is free of regrets.

She owes him more than one hundred and thirty thousand years; she is indebted to him for more than three lifetimes.

This time, she would be the one waiting for him to return. Even if millions of years pass, she would never, ever leave.


Chapter 1 Preface
Chapter 2 Prelude
Chapter 3 Fight
Chapter 4 Confrontation
Chapter 5 Back Pool
Chapter 6 Jing Zhao
Chapter 7 Disappear
Chapter 8 Qing Mu
Chapter 9 Accidents
Chapter 10 Journey
Chapter 11 Punishment
Chapter 12 Disputes
Chapter 13 Confrontation
Chapter 14 Surrender
Chapter 15 Lessons
Chapter 16 Clues
Chapter 17 Return
Chapter 18 Prologue
Chapter 19
Chapter 20 Sky Thunder
Chapter 21 Coming to the World
Chapter 22 Inheritance
Chapter 23 The Emperor of Heaven
Chapter 24 Two Years
Chapter 25 Promotion
Chapter 26 Escape
Chapter 27 Injuries
Chapter 28 The Heavenly Palace
Chapter 29
Chapter 30 Antiquity
Chapter 31 Dragon Pill
Chapter 32 The Queen
Chapter 33 Meet
Chapter 34 The Choice
Chapter 35 Thunder Punishment
Chapter 36 The Ancient Lord
Chapter 37
Chapter 38 Agreement
Chapter 39 Departure
Chapter 40 The North Sea
Chapter 41
Chapter 42 The Three Treasures (Part 1)
Chapter 43 The Three Treasures (Part Two)
Chapter 44 The Three Treasures (Part 2)
Chapter 45 Self Punishment (Part 1)
Chapter 46 Self Punishment (Part 2)
Chapter 47 One Hundred Years (Part 1)
Chapter 48 One Hundred Years (Middle)
Chapter 49 One Hundred Years (Part 2)
Chapter 50 Promotion (Part 1)
Chapter 51 Prelude
Chapter 52 The Return
Chapter 53
Chapter 54 Humiliation
Chapter 55 Marriage (Part 1)
Chapter 56 Marriage (Part Two)
Chapter 57 Marriage (Part 2)
Chapter 58 Decision (Part 1)
Chapter 59 Absolute (Part 2)
Chapter 60 Nirvana
Chapter 61 The Reason
Chapter 62 A Qi
Chapter 63 Hidden
Chapter 64 Fire Phoenix
Chapter 65 Birthday Prayer
Chapter 66 Punishment
Chapter 67
Chapter 68 Lookout
Chapter 69
Chapter 70 The Sky
Chapter 71
Chapter 72 Stay
Chapter 73
Chapter 74
Chapter 75 Antecedents
Chapter 76 The Past
Chapter 77
Chapter 78 Disclosure
Chapter 79 Li Song
Chapter 80 Divine Punishment
Chapter 81 The Phoenix Emperor
Chapter 82 Recalling
Chapter 83 Put Down
Chapter 84
Chapter 85 The Emperor Died
Chapter 86 Fengyue (Part 1)
Chapter 87 Fengyu (Part 2)
Chapter 88 The Return
Chapter 89 The Old Dream
Chapter 90 Apocalypse
Chapter 91 Interrogation
Chapter 92 Chaos (Part 1)
Chapter 93 Chaos (Part 2)
Chapter 94 Backtracking (Part 1)
Chapter 95 Backtracking (Part 2)
Chapter 96 The End
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