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Huang Chao

After stepping on three scumbag thunders, you finally made up your mind to become a scumbag in the game world, but a sudden accident caused you to cross into the world of females and become the new emperor. In the late tenth level of androphobia, you not only have to face the two cheap husbands given to you in the beginning, but also the enemy emperors who are arguing and responsible for you, the taciturn modern teammates, the Miaojiang women’s clothing Xiaozhengtai, the little mad dog guard, etc. A lot of people wait to deal with it.

Not finished yet? You know, there are also the Qing Leng Huangjie, Hei Lian Renchen and Saqi head in the orange who are trying to make Jin Lan righteously with you…
You:? ? ? Don’t worry about this bad luck! But under the appearance of harmony and slightly sand sculptures, there are countless undercurrents surging, infinite conspiracies intertwined, neighbouring countries are eager to watch, the long dusty history is ripped apart again with the passage of time-
through countless times What will you see at the end of the cycle of life and death?

Huang Chao
Alternative name: 凰潮令
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