Your Voice That Builds Me

Kim’s Company’s – 킴쓰컴퍼니 님의 <나를 세우는 너의 목소리>

“You say you like me?”

Likes. Ojihu. I admitted that.

“We don’t even meet anyone.”

“Yes… … Yeah.”

“Then, is it the first day from today?”

Jihyun couldn’t answer easily. Probably because everything happened so quickly.

I have to say something, what do I say?

Jihyun couldn’t easily accept all of this because it was the’one day from today’ that he faced in a few years.

It was awkward for no reason, so the words came out vaguely.

“The representative is the representative… … . Then this is an in-house relationship.”

“There is no prohibition on in-company dating. Myung-jae Choi also married an employee who worked for a German company.”

“Oh, I see. It hasn’t been long since I joined the company.”

He was like a torrid and perverted, but Jihyun asked again what he was curious about because the instant answering fun with a perverted torai more than me was okay.

“The CEO is busy.”

“Is Jihyun not busy?”

“Of course I am busy. Still, it’s not as good as the CEO.”

“Then, I’ll keep you as busy as me. The longer you look at it, the more you will build up.”


Jihyun’s chin fell down.

this person… … It’s suspicious.

It’s not to say that he’s a bad guy who wants to pamper me in earnest by telling him to do it for the first day from today… … Your eyes are so serious.

So, are all these words sincere?