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Talking about marriage on paper, wealthy wives are not easy to chase

Talking about marriage on paper, wealthy wives are not easy to chase
Other names: 纸上谈婚,豪门佳妻不好追
Author:  Baili Yunchu
Genre: Novel, Modern Romance
Release: Unknown
Status:  344 Completed
Related Show: Rich and Warm Marriage: The President’s Daughter-in-law and Fierce Wife (Parent)


[The world is full of beauty, but you are my soft spot] Gu Muyun has three biggest characteristics: beautiful, love for money, and…poverty? Therefore, the school professors are not right on her, the company bosses are not good at her, and Bai Fumei is also humiliating her in every possible way. Li Xiaoyang frowned: “Is the family going down here?” Gu Muyun shook his head: “No, the rich and famous are getting used to life, come out to experience life.” Li Xiaoyang smiled, he knew that his little girl can’t just be content. Pleasure sitting and eating the wealthy daughters of the sky. Since then, there has been a goddess of learning tyrants on campus, a strong woman calling for rain in the shopping mall, and a well-known designer with a unique vision and extraordinary achievement in the fashion industry. She didn’t want to live under the aura of her parents, so she worked hard. Looking back, he has surpassed his parents.

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Li Xiaoyang, I love you!
Chapter 2 There is a kind of you don’t come down!
Chapter 3 Have a good show
Chapter 4 Inappropriate Size
Chapter 5 Take away forcibly
Chapter 6 The Most Treasure Is Her
Chapter 7 Special Treatment
Chapter 8 Beauty
Chapter 9 It’s a pity that he doesn’t like you
Chapter 10 Does Professor Li have a crush on me?
Chapter 11 If you like it, I’ll give it to you

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