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“The Ideal Life of Love” Dai Xixi and Liu Ke break up

“The Ideal Life of Love” mainly has five female characters, but each has its own problems. Dai Xixi wanted to marry Liu Ke, but Liu Ke didn’t think so. Liu Ke Dai Xixi’s family background is too far apart. Dai Xixi wants to get married, and Chen Jiaqian is on the sidelines. The breakup of the two is beyond doubt.

Dai Xixi mistakenly thought that Liu Ke and Wen Ruxue had an abnormal relationship, and Liu Ke desperately explained it to no avail. Dai Xixi was angry that he wanted to cancel the contract with Wen Ruxue, and also called Ding Huiqiao to find out the hidden details. Liu Ke couldn’t bear it and wanted to cancel it out of anger. This wedding. Ding Huiqiao complained that Wen Ruxue should not tell the truth to Dai Xixi, Wen Ruxue could not tolerate Liu Ke stepping on two boats, and Ding Huiqiao was helpless.

Liu Ke was listless all day long, didn’t want to go home after get off work, didn’t want to face Dai Xixi, Duan Xuquan saw in his eyes and persuaded him to escape from the encirclement of Dai’s family.

Liu Ke deliberately dangled and bit his head home late. Unexpectedly, Dai Xixi’s parents had been waiting for a long time. Liu Ke accompanied their family of three out to dinner. Dai’s father was very concerned about Liu Ke’s work, and Dai’s mother prepared them for them. A large bag of supplements, before leaving, gave Liu Ke a bank card to let them buy a big house to start a family.

Liu Ke escorted Dai Xixi’s parents away with a smiling face. The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became. Dai Xixi tried his best to make him happy, but Liu Ke couldn’t let go. At this moment, his mother called Liu Ke. Liu Ke knew that his father was admitted to the nursing home thanks to the help of Dai’s father. His mother also talked about the Dai family’s money to help them buy their wedding house. Liu Ke was already very face. Sweeping the floor, he didn’t expect his mother to accept Dai’s charity again. He was even more angry and yelled at his mother on the phone.

Dai Xixi was so scared that he hurriedly comforted Liu Ke. Liu Ke’s self-esteem was completely overwhelmed. He broke up with Dai Xixi on the spot. Dai Xixi was reluctant to separate from him, let alone the feelings of the past five years. She hugged him tightly and cried, but Liu Ke was determined. He didn’t want to continue acting. He was fed up with the invisible pressure from the Dai family. He had already broken up with Dai Xixi a hundred times in his heart, and Dai Xixi was so angry that he slammed the door and left.

Dai Xixi stood at the crossroads and watched the traffic on the street. She didn’t know where to go. She looked back countless times, expecting Liu Ke to chase him out, but she was disappointed again and again. She was sad and desperate for life. Ding Huiqiao suddenly received a call for help and learned that Dai Xixi was living on the street and hurriedly took her home. Dai Xixi didn’t want to live under the same roof with Wen Ruxue and had nowhere to go, so he could only live here temporarily.

Ding Huiqiao took Dai Xixi to work early in the morning. Dai Xixi held her mobile phone and sighed along the way. Ding Huiqiao had an important meeting and asked Dai Xixi to wait for her in the cafe downstairs. Dai Xixi was so bored that she waited in the cafe until after eleven o’clock. She took out the bank card that caused them to break up and went shopping in the mall to vent her grievances. At lunch, Dai Xixi asked Ding Huiqiao to take pictures for her and sent it to Moments specifically to let Liu Ke see her regret later, and waited for Liu Ke to come to her for peace.

Liu Ke saw Dai Xixi’s great food show and selfies in the circle of friends, and he could see her purpose at a glance. Duan Xu persuaded Liu Ke to restore Dai Xixi. Liu Ke was numb to these sub-plans. He felt that Dai Xixi and Dai Xixi were not the same. . Dai Xixi stayed by her mobile phone, never waiting for Liu Ke’s call and information.

Dai Xixi couldn’t help but vomit bitterness to Ding Huiqiao. Wen Ruxue persuaded Dai Xixi to give up as soon as possible and not to try to tie Liu Ke with his parents’ favor. Dai Xixi was not convinced, and Wen Ruxue reminded Dai Xixi whether he got married because of love.

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