Special Forces Fusion System

Special Forces Fusion System
Other names: 特种兵之融合万物系统
Author: Yancao
Genre: Novel, Urban Life
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Chen Feng, who watched the (Wolf Warrior) movie, traveled to the world where I am a special forces series and obtained the All Things Fusion System. Fusion of migratory bird magnetic field locking skills: use the earth’s magnetic field for positioning, and use it with shooting equipment to achieve 100% accuracy. Integrate the cheetah’s high-speed movement skills: With the speed of a cheetah, with the movement and shooting cooperation, it can reach the realm of magical skills. The eagle-eye perspective skills can be as clear at night as during the day, and the ultra-long-distance perspective is a must-have for special forces. The climbing skills of the fusion morning glory: the host can walk flat in front of any tree or building

Chapter Lists:

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