The paranoid prince’s favorite medical concubine

The paranoid prince’s favorite medical concubine
Other names: 偏执王爷的团宠医妃
Author: Si Jindong
Genre: Novel
Release: 2021
Status: 974 Ongoing


The scumbag repents of the marriage and joins up with the cousin of the white-eyed wolf to bully her. Brother Geng Zhi said: “Don’t cry, eldest brother throw them out!” The second brother Belly Hei said: “Second brother will spread their sordidness all over the world, let the courtiers and the people drown them with the saliva…” Jing Ming III Brother said: “Let them swallow what they have all these years, and vomit it twice!” The wealthy father said: “Good girl, father will invite you to marry, and the young talents will be chosen by you!” The regent standing on the altar walks away. Coming down: “This king is powerful,…