“Brilliant Heart Like Jade”: Zhou Shen’s bonus is too big, Tan Songyun and Zhong Hanliang’s interaction outside the drama is so funny

Which drama is everyone watching recently? There are many dramas currently in the air, such as “Shanhe Ling”, “The Eye of the Storm”, “Jade in the Heart” and other TV series are all good choices. The TV series we are going to talk about today is from Tan Songyun and Zhong Hanliang’s “Brilliant Heart Like Jade”. The interaction between Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi is getting sweeter and sweeter.

“Brilliant Heart Like Jade” as a house fighting drama, for those who have never read a novel, it is actually very good. The acting skills of the two protagonists are also remarkable. The eleven mothers are clever and wise, and they are good wives and mothers , You can also have a shy face, and can also preside over the overall situation. Lord Hou is not angry and prestigious, and can be transformed into a cutie. Who can stand this contrast cuteness.

The supporting role of this drama is also quite brilliant. Although Yuanniang, played by Yinger, died early, she had arranged the situation in the early stage. Later, Auntie Qiao, played by He Hongshan, entered the house, full of calculations, and wanted to win the main room. Li Sheng, Tang Xiaotian and others also performed quite well, especially Tang Xiaotian’s Lin Shixian, who didn’t have much playing time, but it was a glimpse of ten thousand years.