First Phoenix

First Phoenix
Other names: 第一凰妃
Author:  Tang Xiaotian
Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In the previous life, she mistakenly regarded the scumbag as her true love, and desperately defected from the master for him. In the end, it ended up in ashes, and there was no end to the whole body! To live a life again, Mu Jiuge is about to take revenge, trample on the wicked girl, abuse the scumbag, and take advantage of good luck, seize the opportunity, and look at the world! It’s just that Master Bingshan, who has obviously spoiled her into a treasure in his previous life, how can he be indifferent to her in this life? She had to be Xiao Mengbao, acting cute and begging for hugs. A certain master: Rebellious disciple, I am your master! Mu Jiuge: One day as a teacher, life as a husband!

Chapter Lists:

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