Nine Heavens Emperor God

Nine Heavens Emperor God
Other names: 九霄帝神, Nine Heavens Emperor God
Author: After all, it’s a stupid
Genre: Novel, action
Release: Unknown
Status: 1662 Ongoing


One generation of god, Jiang Chen, was besieged by thirty-six great gods and fell. Soul wears rebirth, rises violently! Refine the strongest physical body, condense the perfect martial soul, cast an immortal soul, and become an immortal godhead! Squeeze the heroes, push all directions, the gods of the heavens, all surrender at your feet! If you are arrogant, who dares to resist! If you become a god, there is no god in the world! When the time comes back, the heavens and the earth are dim, and the gods are gone! …


Chapter 1 Return
Chapter 2 Collapse
Chapter 3 God’s Decree
Chapter 4 Breakthrough
Chapter 5 Thirteen Spirit Vessels
Chapter 6 If I’m Arrogant
Chapter 7 Nothing to do with you
Chapter 8 On the road on a mule
Chapter 9 Unbreakable player