Peerless Emperor God

Peerless Emperor God
Other names: 绝世帝神
Author: After all, it’s a stupid
Genre: Novel, action
Release: Unknown
Status: 1679 Ongoing


“Peerless Emperor God” three thousand years ago, Jiang Chen soared into a god and became the king of god! Three thousand years later, mysterious light descended from the sky, and the idols collapsed, returning from the ruins and ruins! In this life, I am a man and a king! In this life, I am a god and an emperor! In this life, the sky is overwhelming, the earth is destroyed, and I will be immortal forever! In the name of Tianchen, light a blue lamp to break through the darkness and illusion according to the past, the present and the future! When I come back, the sky will play music for the war song; the earth will come out of dust, and the battle clothes will be transformed! All souls sing and sing scriptures, creating a continuous road to heaven! ……