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Why recommend you to watch “Sito”?

Which drama is the hottest search in the same period as “Zuo Son”?


The web drama “Si Teng” is adapted from the web novel “Si Teng” (half-monster Si Teng). It tells a fantasy, traversal, suspenseful and funny unrealistic story.

To say interesting, “Secretary vine” in addition to the play scared King sweet than no big stars, even the special effects are a bit low, to see that this is a small cost of production.

However, what is unexpected is that in this drama, not only Jing Tian, ​​who is known as “Peng Buhong”, performs well, but even some of the little-known supporting roles are all acting online.

What is even more surprising is that the whole plot is very open and fresh . It tells the story of a half-human half-demon woman who wakes up in modern times, step by step to find the truth, and unfold the story of revenge.

Especially in the play, there are many forces competing, and many people are unidentified, which makes people follow every step and want to stop.

let talk about why recommend you to watch “Sito”?

  1. There are many suspense in the alternative “Sito”

In the first episode, Ms. Sito, who is beautiful and elegant with superpowers, appeared in a cheongsam, but was killed by a woman in black from behind in a warehouse.

The unidentified woman in black asked the rickshaw master who was secretly peeping to take Sito’s body to Dana, where he would guard it for generations. All of the above happened in 1939 .

The years have turned, and the time has come to 2020.

Qin Fang and his girlfriend An Man arrived there. Because of An Man’s ulterior secrets, she fainted Qin Fang and drove Qin Fang away.

Unexpectedly, An Man was caught, Qin Fang and the car fell off the cliff, and a black thorn pierced Qin Fang’s chest.

At this time, the birds flew together, the earth shook, everything was forbidden, and the dead Sito resurrected. Come here, we look at the touching special effects like Shui Bingyue’s transformation. Although the special effects are touching, they really can’t hide the beauty of Jing Tian!

Since then, Qin Fang awakened Siteng, Siteng rescued Qin Fang, and the fate of the two people was closely linked.

Don’t think it’s a simple journey through time and space to fall in love with you, Shuang is more complicated in “Sito”.

After Siteng was resurrected , a strange phenomenon also appeared in Cangshan City. The stone monument of the people behind the Xuanmen burst and there appeared an autograph left by the master Qiu Shan, meaning to kill Siteng.

What’s interesting is that the people behind the Xuanmen have fallen apart, and they have no longer had the prestige of the past.

Furthermore, in another place, Qin Fang’s unidentified friend was also secretly investigating what happened.

So far, what is Sato? Where are the humans who have guarded Sito for generations? Who is the man in black who killed Sto? Who is Amman? Who are Qin Fang’s friends?

There is a lot of suspense, and it really makes people want to keep watching!

  1. Acting online, more laughs

I have to say that the drama “Sito” really succeeded in making Jing Tian a hit!

As soon as “Sito” was broadcast, the major media began to frankly ” Jing Tian finally chose the right way to play!” “The main heroine finally got up!” “Jing Tian is really beautiful!”

It can be said that Jing Tian has never been so praised for any drama!

Unexpectedly, Jing Tian, ​​who has been hailed as a “box office poison” under the name of a girl, has finally turned around with a little-known small production web drama!

First of all, Si Teng set himself up as a noble, elegant, and beautiful charming woman . She was dressed in a cheongsam, with a curvy body, walking on a pair of high heels.

Moreover, Sato doesn’t care about money. Not only does he keep changing costumes in the play, he also makes generous shots. He speaks words and quotes from the classics quite well.

This is a typical lady who is born in a famous family and is beautiful as a fairy ! However, it is impossible to imagine that the true life experience of Si Teng was pitiful and was raised by Qiushan since childhood, and he was treated like a pig and dog.

For example, how can Sito, who is beautiful and celestial but has a pitiful background, can’t be pitiful.

Secondly, even though Sato is glamorous outside, he is amused!

In the first episode, the newly resurrected Sito came from 1939 to 2020, and has no knowledge of modern life, so he always assumes the posture of a young lady.

Qin Fang had to bend down and lower his head to tie her shoelaces when he hooked his fingers.

Sto, who came to modern times , played with modern remote controls, snatched the doll machine with his children, and did not cause a fire. It was really hypocritical and naive.

People who don’t know Sto think she is a vine demon who kills people without blinking, so they avoid Sto.

However, the real Sto is just unsmiling. He is really kind and has no intention of killing, just to solve the mystery in his heart.

Take a look, how can such a glamorous and intriguing, super-powerful and distressing heroine be unlovable!

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